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PCM Nov 2014

No description

John Monzon

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of PCM Nov 2014

Upcoming Activities
Please submit the Calendar of Activities of your Areas until November 23, 2014
There will be no PLA for the month of November to give way for the Praise Concert
We are planning to have a YFC Leaders Ball (Christmas Party) on December.
CFC Praiseworthy Concert
(November 22, 2014 @NCST)
Tickets Allocations and Remittance:
Sector 1: 500 tickets
Sector 2: 500 tickets
Sector 3: 400 tickets
Campus Based: 300 tickets
Highschool Based: 250 tickets
YCOM/Torch: 50 tickets
Total: 2000 tickets

• Ticket Price: 75 php
• Remit all the payments for tickets to ate Karen Delos Reyes (Secretariat) until Nov. 16, 2014

100 % of all the members should be encoded by the end of the year 2014
Conduct YFC Infosystem Training per program/sector
Utilize the infosystem for monitoring of our members
Consistently update our database.

Structural Alignment
Please submit the list of all the names and contact numbers of your leaders and coordinators in your areas until November 10, 2014.
Please also indicate the leaders who are in the transition process (those who will step down/up).
Parish Linkage, Evangelization & Pastoral Track
Identify the total Numbers of Chapters wherein we have a parish linkage.
Seek for a recognition letter from the parish priest.
Identify potential schools wherein we can conduct recollections and retreats.
Conduct the Best Weekend Activity on a Provincial Level before the Year ends
Identify the year level of each cluster in terms of implementing the 3 year PF.

CFC-YFC Cavite
Provincial Coordination Meeting

CFC Cavite 25th Anniversary
(December 7, 2014 @ CVSU Silang)
Competitions we won
Number of Delegates
Coordinators Evaluation
YFC is assigned to conduct “Palarong Pinoy” during the event proper.
Its not Enough that we are STRONG, we should also be OBEDIENT
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