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Ownership and Distribution

No description

Charlotte Feigen

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Ownership and Distribution

Ownership and Distribution Distribution companies Broadcasters Turnover and Until 2010 Lime pictures was heavily
reliant on Hollyoaks for revenue. Its Annual turnover was £45,435,000.00 and its Annual profit: £10,469,000.00. How is Hollyoaks
distributed Along with being shown on normal TV,
Channel 4 and E4 5 times a week E4 also show an
omnibus every Sunday morning from 8:40 am, it
lasts 2 hours and all of the episodes from that week are shown in order for people to catch up if they don't get home in time to see it on weekdays.

Hollyoaks is also shown online via 4oD, like all other channel 4 shows, each episode can be seen at any time since the show was broadcast till 1 month later
Since the target audience are teenagers and
young adults who generally all use the
internet it is probably a popular way of
watching the programme. Lime pictures Hollyoaks production company is
Lime pictures.It was formerly known Hollyoaks was broadcast on Channel 4 when it began in 1995 and in 2001 moved to E4, it's digital sister channel although it is still shown on Channel 4 the day after. Repeats are also shown on E4. It is defined in the 2003 Communications Act.
This states that "the public service remit for Channel 4 is the provision of a broad range of high quality and diverse programming which, in particular:
(a) demonstrates innovation, experiment and creativity in the form and content of programmes;
(b) appeals to the tastes and interests of a culturally diverse society;
(c) makes a significant contribution to meeting the need for the licensed public service channels to include programmes of an educational nature and other programmes of educative value; and
(d) exhibits a distinctive character." 2003 Remit Channel 4 remit- Channel 4's maim purpose is to fulfill its public service remit, which was first made in 2003.
The Digital Economy Act 2010 requires Channel 4 to participate in:
• the making of a broad range of relevant media content of high quality that, taken as a whole, appeals to the tastes and interests of a culturally diverse society;
• the making of high quality films intended to be shown to the general public at the cinema in the United Kingdom;
• the broadcasting and distribution of such content and films;
• the making of relevant media content that consists of news and current affairs;
• the making of relevant media content that appeals to the tastes and interests of older children and young adults;
• the broadcasting or distribution by means of electronic communications networks of feature films that reflect cultural activity in the United Kingdom (including third party films), and
• the broadcasting or distribution of relevant media content by means of a range of different types of electronic communications networks. The remit was updated by the 2010 Digital Economy Act, which requires Channel 4 to participate in a broader range of activities. When the first remit was introduced Hollyoaks started showing episodes 5 times a week up from 4 times. Channel 4 and E4 are both aimed at younger audience than BBC so Hollyoaks fits with the remit and is what the viewers want to see. Programs shown/ Target audience. Channel 4 has various sister channels deal and channel 4 news. E4 has a younger target audience generally showing comedy's as well as many american exports like how i met your mother and the big bang theory . The main channel has the broadest range of shows aimed at different ages from the simpsons to deal More4 generally appeals to a slightly older audience showing shows such as a place in the sun and come
dine with me whereas film4 shows films of a
variety of kinds and 4music shows music
related shows for a teenage target
audience. including more4 E4, film4 and 4music so the shown programs vary from channel to channel as Mersey Television, It was founded by
producer and writer Phil Redmond in 1982 and renamed in 2006. It started producing Hollyoaks in 1995. In 1991 a the ITV network franchise auction, North West Television made a bid against holders Granada Television for the North west franchise. Granada had held the North West franchise since the inception of independent television in the 1950s, and Granada was one of the biggest ITV companies. However although North West Television bid more money for the franchise (£35 million compared to Granada's £9 million), the licence stayed with Granada as the
Independent Television Commission said
that the Mersey Television bid didn't
meet the required quality
threshold. Revenue (lime pictures) Since 2010 Lime pictures acquired The only way is Essex which was/is hugely succesful raising the companys revenue and turnover The business reported a turnover of £48.8m for the year up to to 31 August 2011, which is up from
39.1m in 2010.
The company also had a boost in profit.
Pre-tax profit at the television company
increased to £11.5m from £10.1m
in 2010. Lime Pictures is also the distributor
for Hollyoaks. It is part of ALL3MEDIA
which is Britain's largest independent
television production company. ALL3MEDIA is a group of television, film and digital production companies from across the UK, US, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and
Australia. Broadcasters generally make their money from
adverts and sponsorship of programs. A popular program will let the broadcaster sell advertising slots at a much higher price than programs that have a small number of viewers.
Production companies generally make money from being bought but a broadcaster so the money they make still techincally comes from adverts and sponsors, directly it comes from the broadcasters. The more popular the show the more the production company will be paid for the rights to show it. and production companies
make money? How do broadcast Spin-offs Hollyoaks has had various
spin-offs. There have been 2 DVDs
the first released in 1999 called 'of on one'
the 2nd, indecent behaviour was released in 2001.
There have also been 10 late night specials, the
first in 1999 the most recent in December 2010.
Along with these there have also been a few
spin-off short series following a few characters, overall there have been 4 the most popular
being Hollyoaks later which is on its 4th season.
Slightly more recently there have also been 2
online spin-offs. Various media content
has also been shown such as access
all areas and the Hollyoaks
music show. Chanel 4 is publicly owned and gains funding from commercial advertising Channel 4 is known for its reality TV,
documentaries and original comedy.
Although aimed at different ages it is
generally aimed for between 16-44
olds, which is young in comparison
to the BBC. Hollyoaks target audience
is a the younger end of this due to
having young, easily relate able
characters. Lime pictures was originally
known as Mersey television
and was founded by producer
Phil Redmond in the early 80s.
It has 3 main genres children's,
youth drama and reality genre. Lime production company reported
sales for August 2010-2011 of £48.8
million (up 25%) Pre-tax profits were
£11.5 million up 14%.
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