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Trojan War

This is an overview of the Trojan War, including the causes, duration, outcome, and consequences of the war.

Trent Swords

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Trojan War

Finally How is the Trojan War related to "The Odyssey?" Why it all began... The Trojan War The goddess Eris was angry because she was not invited to a wedding
She tossed a gold apple on to a table at the wedding feast saying that it would go to the "fairest of them all"
This began a fight between Hera, Aphrodite, & Athena.... Why it all began? (cont'd) In order to settle the dispute, the goddesses chose to select a mortal to decide which of them was the prettiest
They each bribed Paris to pick them
Paris chose Aphrodite because she promised that he would be able to marry Helen, a Greek princess
It didn't matter that she was already married, he kidnapped her anyway. How did the Greeks win? They made a huge wooden horse and offered it to the Trojans as a gift.
The Trojans moved the gift inside of their city walls
Greeks snuck out of the horse structure while the Trojans were sleeping and killed them all
This was all Odysseus's idea Quick Summary Who? - Ancient Greeks and Trojans
What? - A ten-year long battle
Where? - Took place outside of Troy
(Present-day Turkey)
When? - Sometime around 11th or
12 century BCE Outcome and Consequences Greeks won!
The City of Troy was destroyed.
Greeks took most of the women back with them and used them as slaves or maid servants.
Ended a 10-year long war! Food for Thought: In the Bible, the apple is a symbol for sin. The Odyssey is a story of Odysseus, a warrior in the Trojan War, sailing home to see his wife and son.
His trip home takes 10 years because he faces cyclops, raging seas, and other monsters. English 1102 - J2
Trent Swords Did it actually happen? Still subject to debate.
While scholars are quite adamant that it did not, there is enough archaeological evidence to make it a possibility. Why it all began? (cont'd) Meneleus demands the Trojans to give her back, but they refuse.
Meneleus then persuades his brother Agememnon to lead an army against the city of Troy.
Why did the war take so long? For 9 years, the Greeks destroyed Troy's surrounding cities, but the city itself, with the help of Hektor, withstood the forces. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/facts-about-the-trojan-war.html


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