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Hernando De Soto

European Explorer

Jessica Wang

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Hernando De Soto

European Explorer Hernando de Soto Hernando De Soto: Birth De Soto's TRAGIC Death Hernando de Soto was born in c. 1500 in Jeres de los Caballeros, Spain. Hernando De Soto started his expedition in Havana,Cuba. He went through Florida, Alabama, Georgia,Louisiana, Mississippi,and Texas. He ended up in Mexico. North America Expedition De Soto explored South America, Panama, Nicaragua, Cuzco, Mississippi River, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida Expedition, Alabama, and Across the Atlantic Ocean. Locations Explored - De Soto conquered the Inca empire.
- He returned to Spain in 1536 and was granted rights to conquer Florida.
- He became governor of Cuba in 1537.
- He was a slave trader.
- His family wanted him to become a lawyer.
- When he returned to Spain he brought 18,000 ounces of gold ($30,321,000 now.)
- He assembled a fleet of 10 ships and selected a crew of 700 men based on their fighting skills.
-He killed the Inca ruler. Interesting Facts: De Soto died on May 21, 1542 of fever. They buried him in the Mississippi River so Native Americans would not abuse his body. = ENDED = STARTED By: Jessica Wang
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