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Angela Delgado

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of BOSSA NOVA

BOSSA NOVA CONTENT What is Bossa Nova?
Samba and Bossa Nova
What are the origins of Bossa Nova?
Main Instruments
Most important songs
Main Artists
WHAT'S BOSSA NOVA? Bossa Nova had two different generations based on the political and economic changes. WHAT ARE THE ORIGINS OF BOSA NOVA? It comes from Copacabana e Ipanema and the beachside neighborhoods of Rio De Janeiro, (1958–1963)
It was born in Brazil and it was created initially by young musicians and college students.

Main Artists João Gilberto
Antônio Jobim
Sylvia Telles
Charlie Byrd
Gal Costa
Stan Getz
Astrud Gilberto
Bebel Gilberto
Gilberto Gil
Marisa Monte MAIN INSTRUMENTS It lasted about six years but it contributed with a number of songs to the standard jazz repertoire.
Bossa nova was developed in Brazil by João Gilberto and it was made popular by Dorival Caymmi and Elizete Cardoso. João Gilberto Stan Getz Charlie Byrd Astrud Gilberto Is a Brazilian genre which was born in the 50´s.
This musical style evolved from samba, taking its most characteristic sounds with less percussion and more harmony. Bossa nova is associated with the birth of the protest music of the 1960s that denounced the political situation in Brazil.
The voice sings in a soft spoken style.
Atists like Stan Getz also integrate Jazz Saxophone, Bass, Vibraphone, Drums and Symbols into bossa nova. Antônio Carlos Jobim 1931 Samba and Bossa Nova Most important songs "The Girl From Ipanema" "Desafinado" "One Note Samba" "Chega de Saudade", 1927-1991 1940 1925 – 1999 1927 - 1994 THANKS Include
The nylon string acoustic guitar and piano.
Bossa Nova percussion instruments are not necessary.
A bossa nova beat may include drums and a samba tambourine.
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