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History of Video Surveillance

No description

Amelia Probst

on 21 August 2017

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Transcript of History of Video Surveillance

Camera Development
With the creation of the camera in 1880, and a smaller version produced in 1939, cameras were able to be used for purposes besides taking family photos, and without people noticing.
Computer Integrated Technology
The creation of video tapes, and later, with the development of computers and microchips in the 1970s, cameras could now be used to monitor continuously and at night. The video could also be recorded for later viewing.
Modern Surveillance
In today's world, we are not just monitored by cameras. Our online activity, credit card transactions, and even mobile phone movement are tracked.
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CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television, was first developed in Germany in 1942. Its original use was to monitor the launch of rockets, however, once the Video Tape Recorder was created in 1951, its function was transferred to monitoring.
In 1960, temporary cameras were installed to monitor royalty in England. However, cameras were eventually installed in Underground Train Stations to monitor traffic. Businesses began using cameras to protect their property and prevent theft.
History of Video Surveillance
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