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Battle of the Bluebonnet Books 2014

No description

Marilyn Masinag

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Battle of the Bluebonnet Books 2014

Calling all book wizards in grades 3-5!!!
Lakeview Elementary Library
is introducing its newest program.
Students can now compete for the
champions! BATTLE OF THE
(2nd week of October) Read all 6 assigned Bluebonnet titles before the Qualifying round competition.
In order to qualify and get on a team, students in grades 3-5 must answer correctly at least 20 out of the 25 book questions.
The qualifying round competition will be held during the students' library class time the second week of October.
After a student qualifies, he/she will be assigned a team and a coach. Training for the main competition begins right away. TEAMS IN ACTION
(October-January) Each team will consist of 2 3rd, 2 4th, and 2 5th graders. Team members will choose a name for their team.
Each team will assign a captain, and a co-captain.
Each team must have at least one coach to prepare members for the main competition.
All team members should read all Bluebonnet books assigned and should attend team meetings.
Coaches will prepare practice questions for their teams. MAIN COMPETITION
(January) The main competition will have two rounds.
All teams will compete in the first round the third week of January. Twenty-five questions will be asked.
Only two teams will be chosen for the championship round which will be held the last week of January. Twenty questions will be asked. In case of a tie, five more questions will be asked. The first team to get three correct answers will be declared champions of the Battle of the Bluebonnet Books for 2013-2014.
In both rounds, each question will be read twice before team shows answer to the judges.
Two team violations will get a warning. A third violation disqualifies a team from finishing the competition. Summer Reading List
2013-2014 (June-August) VIOLATIONS Showing answer before the bell or a little after the bell
Delaying the competition
Changing answer after the bell
Any form of cheating
Loud talking (whisper voice should be used)
Verbal answer to questions
Teasing or any sign of disrespect Qualifying Round Titles Main Competition Titles Waiting for the Magic

Looking at Lincoln

Whatever After: Fairest of All

Balloons over Broadway: the
True Story of the Puppeteer of
Macy's Parade

Jangles: a BIG Fish Story

Ten Rules You Absolutely Must
Not Break If You Want to
Survive the School Bus The One and Only Ivan

The Humming Room


Tua and the Elephant

Glory Be

Laugh with the Moon

Flying the Dragon

Freaky Fast Frankie Joe

Walls within Walls So, do you want to be in the competition? Get a headstart....read over the summer! http://texasbluebonnetaward2014.wordpress.com/ Visit the link below for the
2013-2014 Texas Bluebonnet Award
Master List Resources Page * Click on the link once, If you're in full screen, press ESC key after clicking. COACH A parent or adult volunteer or a teacher who is willing to work with a team with the support of team members' parents
A team may have two coaches
The coach will be responsible for scheduling team
meetings (book readings, discussions), quizzing
team members on assigned books.
Team meetings must be held in the library or Lakeview
classrooms after school.
The coach may ask parents of team members to find copies
of assigned books IF Lakeview library copies are unavailable.
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