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Copy of MLA Formatting

No description

Dena Leshner

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of MLA Formatting

A Step -by - Step Guide MLA Formatting & Citations Not Sure How to
Set All Margins to One Inch? SAMPLE Your Name
the Date
Class Period
Teacher's Name Your Last Name & Page # Centered Creative Title (not in quotations or underlined) One-inch margins One-inch margins Be sure you are DOUBLE-SPACING. You'll need to make your word processing program do this. EVERY PAGE needs your last name and the page number at the top. Choose INSERT on the RIBBON, and then click PAGE NUMBER The Finished Product: There are TWO types of citations you need to use: MLA CITATIONS:
This is a VERY big deal. IN-Text, or Parenthetical Citations: The author or source goes in parentheses at the end of the sentence. END-Text, or Works Cited: All of the sources you use are listed here. It is the last page
(a separate page all by itself)
of your MLA paper. Parenthetical Citations
In the paper, at the end of the sentence.

Works Cited Page
Part of the list on the last page of your paper. EVERY SOURCE you use must be cited BOTH WAYS. Check It Out: How Do You Make a Parenthetical
(in-text) Citation? The quotation mark goes at the end of the other person's words.
Then there is ONE space,
the name and page number in parentheses,
and the period at the END. I won't just slap a quotation down all by itself, though. I'll make it part of my sentence, and I'll add the citation at the end. I want to use a quotation from this newspaper article: I'm going to quote part of this second sentence. My instructor will know more about the source I used when he or she looks up that name on the Works Cited page. * Even if I cite Benedict Cumberbatch's article seven times in my paper, I only need to list it once on the Works Cited Page. Oh, yeah. Notice that the list is: Alphabetical Reverse-indented Double-spaced
with no extra blank lines anywhere #1 -Your MLA Paper needs to have a standard printing format. Okay. Let's Re-cap. One-inch Margins
Heading on First Page
Name & Page # in the upper right corner of each page
Double Spacing
Centered Title. Parenthetical Citations at the end of the sentence: TWO SPECIFIC METHODS for citing sources: Put the name of the source in parentheses. Include the page number if there is one. Works Cited Page: Alphabetical
Double Spaced #2. You have to use TWO SPECIFIC METHODS to show where you found your information and ideas. Printing Format: USEFUL LINKS FOR YOU: http://www.easybib.com
This will make your Works Cited Page for you. http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/1/
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