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Vocational Preparation of Youth in Warrnambool

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Lisa Roe

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Vocational Preparation of Youth in Warrnambool

Students 12- 19 years old
Catholic, Independent & Public High Schools provide students with structured work experience placements, foster work ethic and develop both vocationally- specific and nonvocational skills required for working life.
Local community centres, libraries, museums and art galleries that provide day activities, short courses, or community engagement activities to contribute to VCAL learning through providing experiences beyond the classroom.
Employment Agencies such as WDEA Employment, Westvic or St Laurence that assist to find employment or support apprentices/ trainees with additional support needs.
Australian Apprenticeship Centres (AAC) exist to complete apprenticeship/ traineeship registration and completion. The ACC liase with RTO, Employers, trainees and schools to support apprentices to successful completion.
South West TAFE and Trade Training Centres
Provide vocational training in students chosen areas to meet the accredited training needs of the students in their chosen vocation.
Community Centres
Australian Apprenticeship
VCAL Coordinator
Careers Advisers
Year level coordinators

Business that employ students for casual positions provide real world experience to students and often offer great on the job training and act as mentors to young employees.
Local Employers
Private Registered Training Organisations
Private RTOs can a range of certificates and short courses depending on local demand. Often Small RTOs are able to provide flexible and personalised course delivery.
Large Companies in the Community
Large companies often provide students first employment opportunities and can offer recognised training
Balance Training
Advanced Career Training
WAVE school
Warrnambool Community College
Warrnambool Special Developmental School
Alternative Education Settings
Alternative education providers engage students who traditional schooling is unsuitable for. These providers often take a more practical approach to education and focus on vocational preparation.
It takes a Village...
Vocational Preparation of Youth in Warrnambool
Deakin University
Providing further education locally and early opportunities for advanced students in secondary school.
Health & Welfare Support Services
Brophies Youth Services
Community Connection
Health and Youth welfare organisations exist in Warrnambool to ensure young people have their basic needs meet and are provided with additional support where needed to aid engagement in the community and vocational readiness.
Aboriginal Cooperatives
Provide social support, employment opportunities and cultural education to young indigenous people
Local Learning & Employment Network
Collects and analysis local labour market data
Facilitates partnerships between services providers
Follows 'on track' data for local schools to find regional trends and develop inteventions
Creates networks to meet local needs
Arranges events to support locals
Centrelink & Department of Human Services
Provides financial support
Provides social support such as carers
Housing support for families in need
Futures for Young Adults Funding
Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations
Provides funding for programs such at Transition To Employment and Careerlink
Funds employment agencies and support services
Ensures young employees and apprenticeships are receiving workplace entitlements
Australian Education Union/ Independent Education Union
Supporting and advocating for teachers conditions; ensuring profession attracts a high quality of teachers.
Ensuring classroom conditions are optimal for student learning and best practice.
Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority
Ensuring curriculum is relative and met by education providers
Victorian Qualification Authority
Administrating post-secondary accredited qualifications from certificates through to Masters degrees.
Wannon and Moyne Shire Councils
Local government supports the educational needs of regional students through local initiatives and advocating at a state and national level.
Service stations
News agencies
Local Police
Youth Justice Dept.
Partnering with schools and other social service providers to reengage youth offenders and youth at risk.
Sporting Clubs
& Netball
Tennis Clubs
Creating a social & professional networking opportunities.
VicRoads & Drivers Education Programs
Giving students vocational opportunities through increasing their independence through driving.
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