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Brownfields Redevelopment

how to navigate the brownfields grant process

Brownfields Redevelopment

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Brownfields Redevelopment

Assessment Grant Cleanup Grant Revolving Fund Grant Assessment Accomplished EPA Brownfields Demonstrate a Need Environmental Need
Economic Need What Is Your Vision? EPA Livability Principles
EPA Equitable Outcomes Contribute to greener and healthier homes, buildings, and neighborhoods Equitable Outcome 1 Mitigate environmental conditions through effective deconstruction and remediation strategies which address solid and hazardous waste, and improve air and water quality Outcome 2 Improve access by residents to greenspace, recreational property, transit, schools, other nonprofit uses (e.g., libraries, health clinics, youth centers, etc.), and healthy and affordable food Outcome 3 Improve employment and affordable housing opportunities for local residents Outcome 4 Reduce toxicity, illegal dumping, and blighted vacant parcels Outcome 5 Retain residents who have historically lived within the area affected by brownfields Outcome 6 Get Practical Connect with the community
Obtain access to the property(s)
Find out any liability issues
Identify additional funding sources Submit an RFP Request
Proposal Here's the link to the EPA guidance: http://www.epa.gov/oswer/docs/grants/epa-oswer-oblr-12-07.pdf You Win the Grant! Secondary Data If possible, start gathering data:

Inventory of properties
Health data (ex. cancer rates, asthma rates)
Economic data (ex. unemployment rates)

Tie into how an assessment will provide benefits Community Involvement & Participation The More Funding Sources the Better Conduct Community Visioning Grants
Tax credits
Loans Conduct the Assessment Hire a professional Identify Contamination Type and Quantify of Toxicity Compile an Inventory What sites are you targeting? Performance reporting
Environmental oversight
Health monitoring Manage the Grant Inspire Yourself! Insurance
Timing: 3-year performance period Think Outside the Box Get Inspired With Green Building Innovative Mixed-Use Thank You! Defined *Capitalize a revolving fund, make loans, and provide subgrants to carry out cleanup activities at brownfield sites Quick Facts Apply for up to $1 million

5-year performance period
Awarded as a cooperative agreement with EPA
Must be a local government or Indian tribe Cost-Share Money
Services RFP *Tie in EPA livability principles and equitable outcomes Grant Criteria Community Need
Capability to Implement
Engagement with the Community Community Need Health & Welfare
Financial Health & Welfare How will the grant address sensitive populations? Children
Pregnant Women
Minorities Environmental Industry
Justice Financial Demographic info
Economic disruption (Ex. plant closure)
Fiscal condition Demographics Population
Unemployment rate
Poverty rate % minority
Per capita income Capability to Implement Timeliness
Administration Lending practices
Marketing strategy Lending Practices Loan and subgrant products
How borrowers and projects are selected
How loans are structured Loan Administration http://www.epa.gov/oswer/docs/grants/epa-oswer-oblr-12-08.pdf Refer to the EPA table: -Detail tasks and costs
-Ex. Loans to 2 eligible entities of $400K each

-Describe management system
-Short-term project outputs/outcomes
-Long-term project outputs/outcomes Track and measure progress Follow the link below and see page 24: Keep the BIG picture in mind Community How much are you engaged with the community? Do you have a plan? Neighborhood organizations
Citizens' groups
Developers Communication Public meetings
Use of media
Internet forums Engage Meaningful public discussion and participation
Role of community based organizations in your program Community Based Organizations (CBOs) Role of CBOs in your program
Local citizen and business groups
Environmental & civic organizations
Educational institutions
Local labor organizations Sustainable Redevelopment Use of existing infrastructure Green Buildings Energy Efficiency Water Management Green Remediation Constructions and Demo materials recycling Diesel Emissions Reduction Renewable Energy on Brownfields Emphasis on "micro" non-urban communities Congrats! Inventory, assess, and plan community involvement related to brownfields sites An eligible entity may apply for up to $200K per site
Limit of 3 sites Revolving Loan Fund grants provide funding to capitalize a revolving loan fund and provide subgrants to carry out cleanup activities at brownfield sites Loan
Capitalized Through these grants, EPA seeks to strengthen the marketplace and encourage stakeholders to leverage the resources needed to clean up and redevelop brownfields When loans are repaid, the loan amount is returned into the fund and re-lent to other borrowers, providing an ongoing source of capital within a community The Basics Apply for up to $200K to assess a site contaminated by hazardous substances, OR with the potential for these substances A waivor option is available should you need an additional $150K of funding
Such waivers must be based on the anticipated level of hazardous substances A coalition of 3 or more applicants can submit one grant proposal for up to $1 million, with a performance period of three years The
Basics Provides funds for cleanup activities at brownfield sites contaminated by petroleum and hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants The
Basics Contamination
Remediated Clean it up Max $200K
Max 3 sites
Must be sole owner
20% cost share required (waiver is available)
Must have phase II assessment completed *Provide specific examples of how the cleanup project will remove economic/environmental/social barriers to make the sustainable/equitable cleanup/reuse the highest priority Make Your Proposal More Competitive How will you oversee the cleanup? Safety
Technical expertise
Access to adjacent properties Example Example 2 Notify the Community Get comments
Record feedback
Hold meetings Stay Competitive What is your need? Health issue Welfare problem Environmental danger Financial need How do you best express it? What is your history? Other Considerations Automaker closed?
Plant closure?
Base closure?
Natural disaster? Livability Principle 1 Provide more transportation choices Principle 2 Promote equitable affordable housing Principle 3 Increase economic competitiveness Principle 4 Support existing communities Leverage federal investment Principle 5 Value communities and neighborhoods Principle 6 EPA Livability Principles *EPA provides some guiding principles that, if included in your proposal, will make it more competitive! EPA also has a particular emphasis on sites contaminated by petroleum EPA Equitable Outcomes Also Include... (Deadline for submission is November) *Funds are dispersed in the Spring *Not to be confused with a
Targeted Assessment Tips for submitting a grant proposal or RFP (request for proposal) Level 1 Assessment Level II Assessment How Much $? Who can apply? what properties
are eligible? What is the
timeline? $200K Local Government
Agencies Brownfield sites
free from liability Apply in the Fall,
Award in the Spring, &
3-year performance
period These are more flexible
Apply at any time
Remove uncertainties about a property
Usually funded through regional EPA offices There are, however, some criteria... Check out the pdf http://www.epa.gov/brownfields/grant_info/tba_0403.pdf Back to the grant Involves any of the below: 20% cost-share required and/or
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