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Where the Red Fern Grows Chapter Questions

No description

Emily Culver

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Where the Red Fern Grows Chapter Questions

Chapter 2 Questions
1. What is the setting of Chapter 2?
2. What kind of ´disease´ does Billy have in the beginning of the chapter?
3. Why couldn´t Billy´s family buy him a dog?
4. What does Billy´s father give him from the store? What are they for? What does he accidentally catch first?
5. Why does Billy decide to leave home? What makes him come back?
Chapter 3 Questions
• What is Billy’s plan to get his coonhounds? Do you think it will
work? Why or why not?

• Why do you think Billy’s grandfather helps him get the

• What might it feel like to work for two years to achieve your
Journal Writing Assignment
Do you have the desire and persistence to wait two years for something you really want? Would you save everything you earned from household chores, allowance, etc.?
Great Depression Photo Reflection
1. How did these images make you feel and why?

2. Based on these photographs what do you think life was like in the Great Depression?
Great Depression Reflection Exercise
1. With a partner write down 10 adjectives that you think describe the Great Depression based on the photographs you saw

2. Tell the rest of the class the words you chose and explain why.
Fun fact!
Billy´s family lives on Cherokee Land. The Cherokee are a North American indigenous people who lived in southeastern United States. Many Cherokee were forced to move to the Ozark Mountains by the U.S. government.
Chapter 4 Vocabulary

gunny sack



Where the Red Fern Grows Chapter Questions
Chapter 1:

1. Who is telling the story? When do you think the events take place?

2. The narrator helps the hound. Have you or anyone you know helped a stray animal?

3. What memories does the old dog cause in the narrator?
Chapter 4 Questions

What good news does Billy receive about the price of the dogs?

Why did Billy have to go to Tahlequah?

Why does Billy ask how far it is to Kentucky?

What was the population of Tahlequah?

How do we know that Billy is very poor?

Describe some of the things that surprise Billy when he arrives in town.
Look at the following pictures from the Great Depression. One is of a typical town and the other is from the Ozark Mountains. What differences do you notice? How can you imagine Billy felt going from the Ozark Mountains to the town?
Reflection Activity:

Choose from one of the following activities:

1. Draw what you would imagine the redbone hound for sale ad would have looked like in the Sportsman´s magazine Billy found. Include a description of the hounds, how much they are and where they are from.

2. Compare and contrast town and rural life in the Great Depression, using examples from the book.
• How does Billy feel when he first sees his hounds?
• Why do the kids tease and then fight with Billy?
• Why do you think the marshal helps Billy?
Chapter 5 Questions
Chapter 6 Questions
What is special about the way Billy finally names his puppies?

What does this scene tell you about Billy’s beliefs?

• Why do you think Billy is so happy to buy gifts for his family?

• Why do Billy’s parents want to move to town? Would you rather live in a small village or a big city? Explain your reasons.
Chapter 6 Vocabulary Words



Chapter 7 Questions

Have you ever trained a pet? If so, how did you do it? If not, how do you think you might go about training an animal?

• Do you think you would be able to trap a coon as Billy does?
Why or why not?

• Why does Papa make Billy take down all his traps? Do you
agree with Papa’s decision? Why or why not?
Chapter 9 Questions
Chapter 10 Questions
• Why do you think Billy is such a successful raccoon hunter?

• What happens to Billy´s first coon hide?

What does Billy do with the money that he earns selling the coon hides?
Describe Billy’s thoughts and feelings when he saw where the hounds had treed their first coon.

How did the members of Billy’s family feel about his decision?

How did Billy’s grandfather keep the coon in the tree while Billy went home to rest?

How does Billy rescue Little Ann after her accident? What does this tell you about Billy’s character?

• Would you have rescued Little Ann if you had been in Billy’s shoes? Why or why not?

• How can you tell that Billy is very religious?
Chapter 11 Questions
Chapter 12 Questions

Would you like to be friends with the Pritchards? Why or why not?

Why didn´t Billy tell his parents about the bet?

Who do you predict will win the bet? Why?
Do you agree with Billy’s decision not to kill the ghost coon?
Why or why not?

• Explain how Rubin gets killed. How did his death make you feel?

• How can you tell that Billy is compassionate, kind, and respectful?
Woodrow Wilson Rawls was born on September 24, 1913, in
Scraper, Oklahoma. Scraper is a very small town in the middle of
the Ozarks region
Since Rawl´s mother was Cherokee she got some land from the government. The family farmed for a living. Rawls lived too far from a school and so his mom homeschooled him.
Rawls’s hunting dog was not only his best friend but also a way to help his parents earn enough money to survive. Rawls and his father sold the fur skins from the animals they trapped.

Nearly everyone in the Ozarks was poor. Like the Rawls family, they lived off the land and just got by. When the Great Depression happened Wilson Rawls had to travel around looking for jobs when he was only 16 years old because his family couldn´t pay for food or clothes anymore.
Wilson Rawls worked as a carpenter, a handyman, anything he could find. But even when he was really tired from working he wrote. But because he never went to school he had many grammar and writing mistakes. In 1957 Rawls met a girl named Sophie, fell in love and got married. She helped him correct his writing and soon he published Where the
Red Fern Grows in 1961.
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