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Merlin Herrera

on 11 November 2014

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The Incredibles is a 2004 American computer-animated comedy superhero film written and directed by Brad Bird and released by Walt Disney Pictures.
Edwin Catmull
George Lucas
1979: Catmull recruited by Lucas, changed computer technology.
John Lasseter
Joined Lucas Division as
"Interface Designer"
Toy Story: 1995-1996
November 22
$192 million domestically
$362 million worldwide
Toy Story
A Bug's Life: 1998
Released: November 25
Worldwide Grossed: $363.3 million
The Making Of

Monsters Inc.
The fourth collaboration between Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures.
Monsters Inc. showcased techniques in simulation programs for hair and cloth dynamics.
Realistic look to the fur, such as Sulley, one of the main characters.
Pixar and Dreamworks
Antz and A Bug's Life
Jobs and Lasseter VS Katzenberg
Dreamworks ripped off Disney Pixar
Solution: move release dates
Jobs: "The bad guys rarely win"
Terry Press: "Steve Jobs should take a pill."
Still good friends, just rivals
Monsters Inc.
Directed by Pete Doctor, Lee Unkrich, and David Silverman.
First film to be made at Pixar's new facility in Emeryville, CA.
Production Budget: $115 million
Domestic Gross: $255 million
Worldwide: $562 million
Not only a compelling story, but new, ground-breaking technology in animation and in life-like creatures on screen.
Sulley's Fur
New Software and Programs
Monsters Inc. used 2.5 million RenderMarks, Toy Story used 1 million.
'Deep Shadowing' key hairs on Sulley.
Cloth program called 'FizT',program allowed Boo's shirt to move independently
Shots Department was devised by Porter.
'Geppetto', internal modeling system so movements would seem more flowing and natural.
Co-directed by John Lasseter, Lee Unkrich, and Ash Brannon
Production Budget: $90 million
Domestic Gross: $245 million
Worldwide: $485 million
Boasting the same 3D technology as Toy Story.
Toy Story 2 proved that sequels did not have to be cheesy commercial films, but contains story and development.
Introduction to new characters.

Breaks every wall as it is set in the ocean.
Underwater landscapes and lighting brings new challenges.
Production Budget: $94 million
Domestic Gross: $340 million
Worldwide: $936 million
The Making Of:

Finding Nemo
No arms and legs, just fins and tails.
Animating expressions of the fishes.
New territory for Pixar, animators and artist work on the color a lot.
Artists set out on a diving trip to get to know their sets better.

Character Transformation
Transformation in Animation
Color Storyboards
Organic, so it looks as real
RenderMan's shader language, create shader for each model's surfaces.
Frame: 45 minutes up to 30 hours (depends)
Required 800,000 machine hours and 114,240 frames
Sync expressions to the actors' voices, spent a week per 8 seconds
Making of the House
Study Questions
Which Disney Pixar film is your favorite, which is your least favorite, and why?
What do you think makes a Pixar film successful?
. It was the sixth film produced by Pixar Animation Studios.
. The film premiered on October 27, 2004 at the BFI London Film Festival and had its general release in the United States on November 5, 2004.
. Budget $92 million
. Box Office $631,442,092

. The Incredibles was met with high critical acclaim, garnering high marks from professional critics and audiences, and provoking commentary on its themes.
. In 2004 it received the 2004 Annie Award for Best Animated Feature, along with two Academy Awards.
. It became the first entirely animated film to win the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.
Making of The Incredibles:
. The Incredibles is marked by a series of firsts, from the first opening logo that doesn't feature Randy Newman's theme music to the first time that human characters are in the foreground.
. The film centers on a family of humans (another first).
. Unlike the previous Pixar films, The Incredibles is not primarily a comedy.
. Every new film that Pixar has released since Toy Story has seemed to have people saying "the bar has been raised."
. The most obvious thing to notice is that Pixar has used the 2.35:1 widescreen aspect ratio here for only the second time. The first and last time they did was for A Bug's Life.
. The animation of the humans both is obviously stylized and remarkably convincing.
. The animation, as in everywhere else, the film excels, creating a consistent and realistic-feeling world where limits to speed, flexibility, and strength are thrown out the window.
. Cars is a 2006 American computer-animated comedy-adventure sports film produced by Pixar Animation Studios,
. Directed and co-written by John Lasseter and released by Walt Disney Pictures.
. It is also the second Pixar film—after A Bug's Life—to have an entirely non-human cast.
. Cars premiered on May 26, 2006 at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina and was theatrically released on June 9, 2006, to positive reviews.
. Was nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Animated Feature, and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film.
. The film was released on DVD on November 7, 2006 and to Blu-ray Disc in late 2007.
. Related merchandise, including scale models of several of the cars, broke records for retail sales of merchandise based on a Disney·Pixar film, bringing an estimated $10 billion in 5 years since the film's release.
Film information
MPAA rating G
Release date June 9, 2006
Budget $120 million
Box office $461,983,149

Progression of The Incredibles
. A 2007 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.
. Ratatouille is the eighth film produced by Pixar,
. Was co-written and directed by Brad Bird, who took over from Jan Pinkava in 2005.
. The title refers to a French dish, "ratatouille", which is served at the end of the film, and is also a play on words about the species of the main character.
Real Ratatouille
. Development of Ratatouille began in 2001 when Pinkava wrote the original concepts of the film.
. Brad Bird was approached to direct the film and revised the story. Bird and some of the film's crew members also visited Paris for inspiration.
. To create the food animations used in the film, the crew consulted chefs from both France and the United States.
. Bird also interned at Thomas Keller's French Laundry restaurant, where Keller developed the confit byaldi, a dish used in the film.
Making of the Balloons
Creating Ratatouille
. Ratatouille premiered on June 22, 2007 at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, California, and had its general release on June 29, 2007 in the United States.
. The film grossed $623.7 million at the box office and received critical acclaim.
. The film later won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature,
Director: John Lasseter
Co-Director: Brad Lewis
Release Date: June 24, 2011
Budget: $200 million
Domestic Gross: $191.4 million
Worldwide: $559.8 million
Technical Innovation(s)
: Used a mathematical wave model called Tessendorf.

: Upgraded
Director(s): Mark Andrews
Brenda Chapman
Co-director: Steve Purcell
Release Date: June 22, 2012
Budget: $185 million
Domestic Gross: $237.2 million
Worldwide: $538.9 million
Academy Award
Best Animated Feature (2012)
Director: Dan Scanlon
Release Date: June 21, 2013
Budget: $200 million
Domestic Gross: $268.4 million
Worldwide: $743.5 million
Lighting and Camera Techniques
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