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Coca Cola

No description

Jade Bracewell

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Coca Cola

Direct Compensation Financial
Rewards and recognition that include competitive compensation and annual merit review
Education benefits that include tuition reimbursement and a renewable undergraduate scholarship fund
Direct Compensation Financial
Discounts and conveniences which include automobile discount plan, employee discount program, and, at Company headquarter office, dry cleaning, company store, cafeteria, and free parking
Retirement plans
Matching Gifts Program up to $10,000 per participant each calendar year on a 2-for-1 basis
Employee Salary
Delivery Driver: $22,047-$49,699
Account Manager: $33,182-$75,153
Warehouse Supervisor: $34,072-$74,846
Administrative Assistant: $27,788-$54,743
Area Sales Manager: $59,072-$174,732
Distribution Manager: $35,207-$84,982A
National Bonus
Account Manager: $8,000
Delivery Driver: $0.00
District Sales Manager: $11,000
Field Service Supervisor: $6,000
Distribution Supervisor: $6,000
Indirect Compensation Lifestyle
Account Manager: $8,000
Delivery Driver: $0.00
District Sales Manager: $11,000
Field Service Supervisor: $6,000
Distribution Supervisor: $6,000
Benefits & Services
Can a Career be refreshing?
Total Rewards Program
Learning and Development
Recognition and Encouragement
What we Offer:
The Coca-Cola company's extraordinary heritage, our leading brands and the global scale of what we do;
The challenge of meaningful work- our unique global system offers constant opportunities to develop world-class skills and a truly international career;
A unique culture where people convert their passion into action;
The kind of competitive compensation you would expect from a world leader
Medical, dental and vision coverage;
Retirement programs;
Savings plans;
Disability protection
Life insurance;
and Paid time off
Learning and Development
Coca-cola believes in the value of training and mentoring its employees
Provide targeted learning and developmental programs to maximize your professional growth
Work Environment
Coca-Cola cultivates positive relationships with our employees
We promote open and honest communication
We respect and value our employees
We are dedicated to creating a diverse, winning and inclusive culture
Internal Recruitment
Present permanent employees
Present temporary employees
Retired employees
Internal Sources of Recruiting
Notice boards
News letters
Personal recommendations
Coca-cola's uses internal recruitment to fill job vacancies within the organization from existing employees rather than hiring from applicants outside the company.
External Recruitment
External Sources of Recruiting
Employee reference/referrals
Placement Agencies
Educational Institutions
Press Advertisement
Selection Processes
Uses a variety of different methods in the selection process depending on the position the applicant is applying for
Coca-cola's external recruitment fills job vacancies from suitable candidates outside of the company and helps establish a more diverse workforce..
Hiring & Recruiting
Training and Development
Coca-cola offers extensive training and development programs
Group Exercises
Role plays & Situational tests
Psychometric tests
Instructor led training classes in areas of:
People Leadership
Franchise Leadership
Consumer Marketing
Customer/Commercial Leadership
Just-in-time training and development for critical skills
Coca-Cola believes in a discrimination free environment.
They define discrimination as “when a person is judged solely on the basis of a personal characteristic…”
They strongly do not support any form of discrimination in the work place.
Discrimination examples
Coca-cola list examples in their policy to show what will not be tolerated in their work environments:
Making inappropriate remarks or jokes about someone’s personal characteristic.
Refusing to hire people of a specific ethnicity or religion
Refusing to promote an employee that is not from that country.
How to report discrimination
Tell your manager
Tell your Human Resources department
Speak with the company legal counsel
Report to the website Koethics.com
Over the years Coca-cola had many lawsuits over racial discrimination.
Many wins for employees
In 2000 Coca-cola settled to pay $192.5 million to their African American employees do to a pay difference in wages.
Caused Coca-cola to change its employment practices
Lawsuits Cont..
In 2002 Coca-cola paid $495,000 to 95 African America and Hispanic workers for back pay and interest.
Sexual Harassment
The term “sexual harassment” refers to any unwelcome conduct directed towards an employee because of his or her gender, which has the purpose or effect of interfering with the employee’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment
A typical sexual harassment case costs a Fortune 500 company $6.2 million and a Federal Government over $327 Million.

An essential ingredient in every product and service of The Coca-Cola Company is our commitment to respect human rights and workplace rights.
The company tells their employees that if they have seen or experienced any harassment or discrimination or any other type of disrespectful or inappropriate behavior, do not ignore it. If you are comfortable doing so, talk directly with the colleague about his/ her inappropriate behavior. If you do not feel comfortable talking with the colleague, report the behavior.
The company has it set up for their employees to report such behavior with the following people; Your manager, Your Human Resources or Employee Relations representative, Company legal counsel, and EthicsLine at www.KOethics.com
The Coca-Cola Company's global diversity mission is to mirror the rich diversity of the marketplace we serve and be recognized for our leadership in Diversity, Inclusion and Fairness in all aspects of our business, including Workplace, Marketplace, Supplier and Community, enhancing the Company’s social license to operates
Coca-Cola has received various awards and recognition for its commitment to diversify the workplace. One of the many awards include:
Human Rights Campaign ‘Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality’ (November 2012)The Coca-Cola Company again received a 100 percent rating from the human Rights Campaign based on an in-depth analysis of our workplace policies and practices for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender(LGBT) associates.
To assure the Company is fulfilling its commitment to diversify the Company, On going training and Education programs are important. The company believes, Ongoing diversity training is critical to the advancement of the company ongoing journey.
Coca-Cola education programs efforts have moved from minimizing conflict to strengthen their ability to amplify, respect, value and leverage our differences to driving sustainable business results.
Three pillars of diversity education include: Diversity Training Diversity Speaker Series Diversity Library
Chairman, CEO Muhtar Kent On Diversity
One of the biggest fortune five hundred companies to re-invest in their HR department just to deal with sexual harassment is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is investing approximately $280,000,000 in reforming its corporate culture to provide a harassment free environment.
One of the biggest fortune five hundred companies to re-invest in their HR department just to deal with sexual harassment is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is investing approximately $280,000,000 in reforming its corporate culture to provide a harassment free environment.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. : Coca-Cola company

2013 Catalyst Award in recognition to the company’s work to advance and empower women in the workplace and across their value chain, which is done through the -Global Women’s Initiative (GWI) organization. This organization seek to advance women to leadership positions within the Company, as well as to empower women in business throughout our external value chain.

Coca-cola COmpany
Group 5:
Mallory Medders
Stephen Purser
Jade Bracewell
Andrew Richey
Michael Roberts
Shanielle Holt

There is even a website to protest Coca-cola from practicing their unfair labor practices on their employees. The website is stopcokediscrimination.com
*Employees post victories of cases and list other cases of discrimination going out throughout the world.
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