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Christopher Columbus

A project on Christopher Columbus


on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus
By Benjamin Nguyen
Who is Christopher Columbus?
Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy. (1451-1506)
He crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1492
In total he made four trips during 1492-1504
He explored an island, he called, Hispaniola and he also found America accidentally.


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Christopher Columbus Contract Homework
His Missions
Open trade routes for exploitation
Spread Christianity
Mapping his voyages
What effects did his expeditions have?
Beginning of continuous European efforts to explore and colonise America
opened "new world" to western civilisation and christianity
Started the Age of Discovery, a desire to expand the knowledge of the sea and trade routes around the world
Destruction of native American people and culture
Explored 1509-1522
First to sail around the world
My opinion
An amazing seaman, great sailor, obsessed with finding gold
He was selfish and hostile towards the native Americans
I do not believe he is a good person but I recognise the effects of his remarkable expeditions
Comparing with Ferdinand Magellan
"Columbus' claim to fame, isn't that he got there first it's that he stayed." Martin Dugard
His expeditions not only added volume to world maps but bought two new American continents to the world's attention
Alternate ending to Columbus' life
Travel to the main land of America
Become first governor of America
Help establish law and order for the new colony
Set up agriculture to feed the crew
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