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Dr. Christina Kakava

This prezi was created for a course in which we had to create a prezi about our favorite teacher. Dr. Christina Kakava was my linguistics professor and advisor in college.

Sylvia Sierra

on 14 July 2013

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Transcript of Dr. Christina Kakava

Dr. Christina Kakava
Linguistics professor
had a contagious laugh!
told personal stories to illustrate her lessons
full of life
always available for help
made linguistics fascinating for everyone
at the University of Mary Washington
She was not only my professor, she was also my advisor
and she cared SO much about my academic development that I always tried my best for her!
what made her great?
well she was....
She inspired me to create my own major in linguistics, to present my research at national linguistics conferences, and to aspire to one day study sociolinguistics at Georgetown University like she did.
Christina Kakava (1960-2010).
Eternal be her memory.
She opened my eyes to the study of language, she gave me a path to follow, and even after her untimely death, she still guides me on this path as I strive to do what would have made her proud.
Here she is with the other linguistics professors, her students, and her son. Everyone adored her! The department chair called her "The princess."
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