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Coupeville Farm to School

No description

Laura Luginbill

on 24 September 2016

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Transcript of Coupeville Farm to School

Gold Trail Union
School District
Healthy Habits Project

School Board Presentation
December 11, 2014

What you can do
National Farm to School Network
United States Department of Agriculture Farm to School Program
Washington State Department of Agriculture Farm to School Program
Print by Jessica Babcock
Coupeville, WA
California State
1st Year 2010-2011
$82,275 spent by schools

2nd Year 2011-2012
$300,661 spent by schools

3rd Year 2012-2013
$672,065 spent by schools

717% Increase

$ spent by schools for California grown fruits and vegetables

Learn about Farm to School
Join the Coupeville Farm to School Group
Contact Laura Luginbill at 360-679-7350 or l.luginbill@co.island.wa.us
Talk to your School Board Members and Administration
Let them know it is important to serve fresh, local food to our kids
of school districts in California have a
Farm to School program
Coupeville Farm to School
1. Farm to School is integrated into school lunchrooms, classrooms and policies

2. Whidbey Island farms increase capacity of production and distribution to provide food to Coupeville School District.

3. Schools, families, policy makers, and the community support the goals and actions of Coupeville Farm to School and have easy access to information.
Coupeville Farm to School
envisions the service of
fresh, seasonal
from Whidbey Island farms in our schools. 

We are committed to improving the

academic readiness
of students by serving
healthy foods
and integrating
‘food literacy’
into the classroom. 

We are committed to
with and
economically supporting
our local food producers, and including the support and integration of the community and its families.

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