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Honor and dueling in Elizabethan times

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Michele Sepulcri

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Honor and dueling in Elizabethan times

By Michele, Isaac and Michelle Dueling What was dueling? Dueling was a popular activity in Shakespearean times although it was dangerous and illegal. Men practice dueling for self defense and personal fighting skills. It was originally taught to nobles who were training to become knights. Fencing skills were required for all upper class nobility. How would someone be challenged to a duel? If anyone insulted someone by calling them a liar or questioned their nobility, name or courage, dueling will take place to settle private disagreements. More about dueling Social changes during the Elizabethan era led to an increase in the popularity of dueling/fencing. Sometimes, the situation is so serious that one might not wait for a duel or a fair fight to take place and hire someone to ambush the person. Daggers and swords are the most commonly used weapon when it comes to dueling. Some more gruesome weapons used are axes and maces.

Sometimes, it might not only be you who will be harmed, it could be your friends and relatives. What was the main choice of weapon? Swords had been the main weapon of choice when it comes to dueling until the rapier was introduced in England and became popular for dueling. Men in the Elizabethan Era treated swords like men now a days treats a brand new sports car, they wanted the latest, nicest and the sharpest one. Types of weapons men used Rapier - lighter and easier to use, slender, sharp point, ideal for thrusting attacks, commonly used in conjunction with a dagger to deflect stabbing attacks. During the duel between Hamlet and Laertes, Hamlet used a dulled rapier and Laertes used a sharp poisoned one. Hamlet and Laertes were wounded with the poisonous blade and both die. Most common sword Shakespeare uses in his plays. Epee - This sword replaced the rapier, although they didn’t use them in real combat because of their size.
Broadsword - These were commonly used on the battlefield and in combat. It was also called the basket hilted sword. Long sword - This sword was similar to a long rapier. Estoc - It was a long, thin and extremely sharp weapon that was developed to pierce the joints of a piece of armor. It was quite light as well, and as the nobility were required to be armed, they carried this convenient weapon. What did honor mean for men All noblemen were encouraged to learn how to duel so they can protect themselves in duels. There were even schools in the Elizabethan era to teach nobles how to fence. There were the school of the Noble and Worthy Science of defence and the Pallas Armata.a Honor and Dueling in Shakespearean times Rapier Epee Honor was very important to men during the Elizabethan era because if a family had honor, they would be treated with respect and admiration. It would also help their reputation.
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