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Hayley Snow-Nagle

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Marriage

Marriage By: Marry Mentzer and Hayley Snow-Nagle Polyandry "Second Class Citizenship" Polygamy Cont. 19 Year Couple One Bride For Two Brothers: A Custom Fades in India- New York Times Gay Couple Fights For Right to Marry in Epic High Court Fight- CNN US Polygamy Who- Jeff Zarrillio and Paul Katami
Where- Burbank, California
Why- They want to exercise their right to be married as a recognized homosexual couple
The topic of Equality is a wildfire debate. Everyone has an opinion whether or not they follow the media. Prop 8 only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California Societies have commonly over the generations defined marriage as a partnership between a man and a woman (in some religions additional women/men)
"to suggest a transformation from that vital definition that's dramatically different is a very serious change that's upon us," said Austin Nimocks, co-counsel defending California's marriage amendment.
120,000 legally married same-sex couples in the United States.
Same-Sex Marriage has been a wide spread topic in California for whether or not it should be legalized. At some points it has been recognized as a domestic partnership but than ruled as unrecognizable. who-Buddhi devi in malang married to two brothers, Prem Dasi in tholang who is married to three brothers
what-Buddhi Devi at 14 years old married a boy two years younger than her and later was to marry the boys younger brother also. Buddhi is now 70 and is a widow who is still married.
Prem Dasi had five children with the three brothers she was married to and she said that the wife decideds who the father of the child in and her word is law.
where-malang India, in a remote village of the Himalayan valley.
why- on there small farms in the Himalayan splitting the farm between sons would not leave them with enough land to feed a family. so having them all marry the same women was the solution. it also solved a set of geographic, economical and meteorological issues.

how- this custom has now faded as a single generation has moved out of centuries of isolation. roads are made into the sides of mountains causing children to go to school and fathers to find jobs with salaries and the need for brothers to marry one wife has disappeared. Who- Louis and Curt Snow
The engagement- Curt Snow proposed to Louis on Christmas Eve, the ring was in the form of a Christmas present. They were in a relationship for 11 years before becoming engaged.
How they met? They met in New Jersey (Home state of Louis) at a small restaurant after each of them had finished a softball tournament. It was an instant mutual attraction.
Both of their parents had already passed at that point but they think that their parents would have been happy for them.
The wedding process was simple and easy mainly became Salem Cross Inn took care of most of the arrangements and they had a small simple wedding at their home. The reception took place at Salem Cross Inn with a DJ and a buffet. The actual engagement only lasted three months.
Their honeymoon didn't happen right away however. They waited about a year to save up and able to take some vacation time and than went to Hawaii. Both of them loved it.
When asked what they would do differently they both agreed that the only thing they would change would have been to hire a professional photographer instead of relying on their guessed to take the pictures. Not many people heard of the FLDS before 2008, when there was a raid on a compound in West Texas called Yearning for Zion Ranch. On TV people saw hundreds of women and children being taken by social workers and police officers. This was the first time most Americans realized there was polygamy going on here and caused thousands of people to go against polygamy. FLDS members believe that like in their history these setbacks will only make them stronger and renew their faith. Who- Merril Jessop, leader and bishop of a large chapter of FLDS in west Texas.

Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS)

what- Merril Jessop's first wife foneta's wake with several thousand people waiting outside, all the men and boys in suits and the women and girls in pastel dresses. Foneta was 68 and died of a heart attack, she was one of many women to marry Merril.

Where-the family lives in Colorado City, Arizona with ties in Texas, Colorado, and the British Columbia because of Merrils position.

- The FLDS has elaborate funerals for anyone in the community; Foneta’s might be a little bit bigger than most because of whom her husband is. They say you can expect three or four thousand people to attend but that’s because it keeps them together and reminds them that they have strength in each other.

- There is only one person missing for Foneta’s funeral and that is Merrils fourth wife Carolyn Jessop. No one dares to mention that she is not there because she left the FLDS with her eight children in 2003. She tells in her book about her life as a member of the FLDS that Merril had given up on Foneta and she only came out of bed for dinner. She says the plural marriage can ruin some women. Bride Napping
A Romanian Custom The Polygamist: National Geographic Magazine Who Steels a Bride? In Romania, Bride-Napping All the Rage: USATODAY Where- Bucharest, Romania
Who- The brides are abducted, the groom has to pay ransom, and the abductors are close friends and family
Bride-napping is a popular tradition in the capital of Romania. On the wedding night while the party is going a group of the married couple's friends abducts the bride in a mock abduction and bring her to the Arch of Triumph.
Ransom- this is a playful way to force the groom to embarrass himself, sometimes he'd be required to dance, sing, or proclaim his love in a public area, other times he'd have to pay actual money or free booze of the abductors choice.
It originated when a football player proposed to his girlfriend in the Arch of Triumph. Even though it has nothing to do with abductions it's become a symbol and known as the 'the Midnight Mecca'
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