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Copy of HPE - Figueroa's Framework

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maddie wait

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Copy of HPE - Figueroa's Framework

Agent of Socialisation
I am an average swimmer
I find swimming as a sport fairly boring
I do not find swimming in the surf particularly enjoyable
How does the interpersonal level of Figueroa's Framework Relate to Futsal and myself?
Figueroa's Framework
The Interpersonal level
The Interpersonal level
The Institutional level

Throughout PE lessons the year elevens have been playing futsal on a multi-purpose court barracked with large wire fencing and witches hats for goals.
Maddison Wait
What is Figueroa's Framework?
Figueroa’s Framework was designed by Peter Figueroa, a sociologist. The framework was initially used to analyse racism within society closely associated with people's access and equity depending on there race(Studymode , 2013 ).
Figueroa’s framework is a five level structure which has been adapted to analyse people’s participation in sports and physical activity.
The two levels of Figueroa’s framework that have the most effect on me in the sport of futsal are the
and the i
Figueroa's Framework
the interpersonal level can be used to analyse and discover how my personal attitude, ability, access and equity regarding Futsal has been affected by different factors that relate to the interpersonal level .
The interpersonal level of the framework relates to my personal relationships with my fellow peers and teachers.
Parents and immediate family members
My ability and attitude to Futsal

At 6 months old I started swimming lessons because my parents wanted me to be water safe
I started stroke lessons when I was in year 1 because my parents wanted me to 'hold my own' in social settings
Especially because we live in Queensland my parents knew I would be around water and needed to have a basic level of swimming ability
My Peers
Barriers Caused By My Family
Barriers Caused By My Family
My parents and sisters were not competitive swimmers
Therefore, although my parents encouraged me to learn whatever sport I wanted to, competitive swimming did not play a large role in our lives - rather, netball did
This has influenced my attitude to competitive swimming as a sport
The Institutional level
If my teacher enforced positive feedback more often this would result in me trying harder in practical lessons and therefore participating more frequently .
Agents of Socialisation
The media had such an influence on my access to swimming, that I began to think
"Thank goodness I don't do squad or 'Little Nippers,' I would be so self - conscious, people would judge me, what would I wear?"
Agents of Socialisation
School and Peers
Saint Peter Claver College does not have an indoor multipurpose court within the school that could be used.
A indoor multi- purpose would enhance participation in futsal .
Because of my fear of the ocean, I did not participate in lifesaving clubs such as 'Little Nippers.' This has negatively affected my ability in lifesaving
Better allocation of PE lessons would benefit.
Would make it possible to go to Collingwood Park without interfering with other PE classes .
When I got to Middle School, less of my peers competed in swimming carnivals and swimming became a sport for the elite swimmers.
Because I did not feel confident in my swimming capability, swimming carnivals were for the elite, and I felt the pressure media put on body image, I began to fear swimming carnivals and my participation reduced.
Because I was not confident in my strokes, my participation reduced.
Therefore, school has had a big influence on my current capability and attitudes towards swimming and lifesaving.
Peers in my physical education class have shown an interest in futsal and have supported my participation in the practical lessons.
My peers outside the Physical education class do not consider futsal to be the norm or socially acceptable instead they see futsal as uninteresting and shown more of an interest and are more supportive towards dance .
My Physical education teacher has an influence on my attitude and participation in regards to futsal. My PE teacher’s constructive feedback has a negative influence on my participation and attitude towards futsal.
How does the interpersonal level of Figueroa's Framework Relate to Futsal and myself?
The institutional level of Figueroa’s framework examines institutions within society that affect sport and physical activity. (Heed, Russell, & Weatherby, 2010).
The institutional level of the framework relates to my access to better facilities and scheduling .
Collingwood Park Just Gym has an indoor futsal court. The year 11 PE class clashes with many other HPE classes so it’s not possible to go to Collingwood Park .
The scheduling of practical lessons each week throughout PE classes for futsal is one two hour lesson each week.
There should be less theory lesson for PE and more practical lesson
The recommendations and solutions that I would put forward to enhance my participation and enjoyment in futsal are to further improve the access that not only myself and my peers have to a fully equipped futsal court or better allocation of PE lessons .
IN Conclusion
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