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Steps Leading Up to a Volcano Eruption

This is a presentation about the steps leading up to a volcano eruption

kara kerr

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Steps Leading Up to a Volcano Eruption

what are the Steps Leading Up to a Volcano Eruption
The First Step
It starts with rock in the deep part of the Earth. Once the rock melts it becomes melted rock(magma).
The Second Step
The Fifth Step
The Third Step
Once the pressure builds up, that causes the lava to rise. Now the lava is above Earth surface in the mountain.

The Fourth Step
The magma melts other rocks around it. The magma becomes lava and the pressure builds up.

In the hot sun the mountain gets hot which causes the lava in the mountain to heat up too. Once the lava gets too hot it melts a hole in the top of the mountain.
The hot lava melts the other rock around it and a lot more pressure builds up and causes the volcano to erupt Sometimes the volcano erupts by shooting up lava into the air. Other times the lava just gets too high and it flows down mountain.
After the Eruption
After the overflow of the lava. The lava flows down the volcano. After a few months the lava freezes and adds more layers to the volcano. Just because there are more layers it makes a bigger explosion than the first time.
Thank You For Being A Great Audience!
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