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A Midsummer Night's Dream by Ammu

No description

Ammu Punnackal

on 24 July 2017

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Transcript of A Midsummer Night's Dream by Ammu

A Midsummer Night's Dream A story of love and misunderstanding expressed in the funniest of ways The Plot the story The Lovers The Mechanicals Hermia Helena Lysander Demetrius Bottom Quince Snug Flute Snout Starveling Oberon Titania Puck Peaseblossom Mustardseed Cobweb Fairy World short dark attractive tall fair pretty handsome dedicated handsome fickle carpenter prologue joiner lion bellow-mender Thisbe Tinker Wall tailor moonshine weaver Pyramus loved by Titania gallant King of fairies married to Titania mischievious trouble-maker faithful to Oberon loyal to Titania fairy attender loyal to Titania fairy attendant loyal to Titania fairy attendant pretty queen of the fairies falls in love with a donkey http://www.glogster.com/edit/g-6ln51keg3ei5jfcm62c9ta0 New Poster Old Poster ... small LOVE Comical Magical Demetrius and Helena Why? Examples Titania & Donkey Examples Pyramus & Thisbe Why? Examples Themes Why? It is funny because the donkey is quite an ugly creature and the way that Titania finds some way to compliment him is hilarious Strong graceful Tragical The love between Helena and Demetrius can be classified as magical as it is the result of Puck's 'love flower'. If Puck had not squeezed the iris juice onto Demetrius' eyes, he would have still been in love with Hermia. This part of the plot gives us an insight of how the people in the olden era believed there was 'magic'. Power Authority Physical Theseus &
Hippolyta Why? Examples According to the old Athenian Times, fathers were believed to have power over their daughters. This is re-enforced in the play as Egeus forces Hermia to marry Demetrius against her will. He repeatedly states that she is his property and he has all authority over her actions and decisions. "she is mine and all my right of her"
Egeus Act 1 Scene 1: line 97 Oberon Why? Examples "what angel wakes me from my flowery bed? Titania: Act 3 Scene 2 - line 107 "though art as wise as though art beautiful" Titania: Act 3 Scene 2 - line 123 "And I am such a tender ass"
Bottom: Act 4 Scene 1 line 23 The story is sad because Pyramus and Thisbe truly follow the saying 'alone they are two, together they are one." They both have true love and yet fate does not let them live together. This is because their parents have never seen eye to eye and make rude remarks about each other. Also, the misunderstanding that occurs when the lioness gets hold of Thisbe's shawl and stains it with her mouth, causing Pyramus to believe that Thisbe has been killed. Respect Egeus and Hermia Examples Why? "To you your father should be as a god" Theseus Act 1 Scene 1: line 47 "As she is mine, I may dispose of her" Egeus Act 1 Scene 1: line 41 "...prepare to die for disobedience to your father's will..." Theseus Act 1 Scene 1: lines 86-87 "By him imprinted and by his power(Egeus)" Theseus Act 1 Scene 1: line 51 http://www.glogster.com/bubblezdelight/unfinished-glog-4/g-6ln1bcl2s6ngkn2odlatta0 Oberon is a very strong character and he is protrayed as gallant and manly. He definitely has power over the fairy world because of his physical appearance of being tall and a bit muscly. His structure makes him a person who you don't want to mess with. He has a tendency of getting what he wants (The changeling boy) and is prepared to go to any extent to get it. (Making his own wife fall in love with a donkey). Hermia Helena Lysander Demetrius Love Square Theseus and Hippolyta are the Duke and Duchess of Athens giving them great power over the people. They are highly respected and are always referred to as, "My Lord" or "Your Highness". When Egeus reports a complaint against Hermia, Theseus gets the final say as he handles all the cases and thrives for the welfare of his people. "And kiss thy fair large ears, my gentle joy" Titania: Act 4 Scene 1-line 4 "Tarry, rash wanton. Am not I thy Lord?" (to Titania) Oberon: Act 2 Scene 2 - line 63
It is funny because the donkey is quite an ugly creature and the fact that Titania finds some way to compliment him is hilarious. "So is mine eye enthralled to thy shape" Titania: Act 3 Scene 1 - line 116 "Tide life, tide death, I come without delay" Thisbe (to Pyramus) Act 5 Scene 1 - line 198 "Which is - no,no- which was the fairest dame that lived" Pyramus Act 5 Scene 1 - lines 277 - 278 "Asleep my love? What dead my dove" Thisbe Act 5 Scene 1 - lines 306 - 307 "(his love) And now to Helen is it home returned" Demetrius Act 3 Scene 2- line 172 "The pleasure of mine eye, is only Helena" Demetrius: Act 4 Scene 1 - line 169 "When his love he (Demetrius) doth espy, let her (Helena) shine as gloriously" Oberon: Act 3 Scene 2- lines 105 - 106 "And I have found Demetrius like a jewel" Helena: Act 4 Scene 1 - lines 187 - 188 In the old Athenian times, where the head of the family was the Partriarch, fathers were believed to have ultimate power over their daughters. This is clearly shown in the way that Egeus does not think twice about Hermia's feelings and forces her to marry Demetrius, (who he prefers). Egeus does not seem to be worried of the fact that Hermia may be killed and he actually insists that death is included as a punishment for disobediance. "When though wak'st, it is thy dear, wake when something vile is near" Oberon: Act 2 Scene 2 - line 39 - 40 "Oberon is passing fell and wrath" Puck: Act 2 Scene 2 - line 20 "And jeolous Oberon would have the child" Puck: Act 2 Scene 2 - line 24 "(To Oberon) These are the forgeries of Jealousy" Titania: Act 2 Scene 1 - line 81 "I beseech your grace..." Hermia: Act 1 Scene 1 - line 63 "Make choice of what your highness will see first" Philostrate: Act 5 Scene 1 - line 43 "(The lovers Kneel) Pardon my Lord" Lysander: Act 4 Scene 1 - line 137 (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr By Ammu Punnackal Wide Reading
King of Shadows 1. specifically when - what time of year - is the story set? Is this signifant? Dear Papa,
It is I, Hermia. I know that important issues should not be discussed through a letter; however I cannot face you after what sin I have just committed. Lysander and I have eloped. Of course I will not notify you of our whereabouts for obvious reasons but I want you to know that I am happy where I am. In fact, I will be happy wherever I am, if I have my dear sweet Lysander by my side.
But alas, you did not seem to think so. You preferred Demetrius instead. But I still do not understand your logic. Both Lysander and Demetrius have the same status as one another. They are both good-looking, (however I do think Lysander is more handsome.) And they are both just as capable of having my hand in marriage. Therefore, I believe it is Lysander’s dedication to true love that has made him stand out from Demetrius. Lysander has vowed that he has always loved me and will always love me.
Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about Demetrius. Lord Theseus, himself, stated that he had heard rumours about Demetrius’ love to Helena and I have evidence to confirm it. Lysander and I have both espied Demetrius and Helena sitting under a maple tree expressing their love to one another. But Demetrius, being a very unkind gentleman, left Helena when he heard of your proposal to me. It is, however, Helena’s plight to regain Demetrius’ love that is truly depressing. She does not seem to understand why he has turned his back on her. She wishes that it is all just a nightmare and that she will sooner or later wake up. Therefore, I request that you tell Demetrius to forget me and to love Helena instead, for she is also a very fair maiden who adores him just as much as I adore my Lysander.
If at any time, you decide to accept my love for Lysander, I shall return. Just notify Helena as I will remain in contact with her through letters. She is the only one who is aware of our location but has vowed to keep this information confidential. If at any point, these details do escape, please be considerate and don’t follow us (if you are still against our decision) as this means that we will be forced to move to another place and lose contact with you thoroughly.
Before I conclude this letter, I want to confirm that I do still respect you and consider you as a god. Thus, Lysander and I have come to a decision to name our first son after you. We hope that he will be a determined gentleman like yourself and thrive for the best of his family. I beg that you pardon me and I am truly sorry that I was unable to satisfy your dreams. Yet, you have to understand that just because I am a lady does not mean that I do not have my own likes and wishes.
Yours lovingly
Women's Whispa (Valentine's Day Special) English Class 7T Report Part 1 - The Meeting During this confidential meeting between Lysander and Hermia, they express their love to each other and evaluate a few solutions on how to escape from 'the cruel Athenian law'. It is finally Lysander who initiates the idea to elope to the house of a widowed aunt.
Note: The identity of this aunt or her specific whereabouts are not indicated
The only hint that is dropped is that they will be passing through the woods late next night. Nothing more is stated because of the entrance of a maiden by the name of Helena. Scene: Duke's Palace
Time: During brief chat between Lord Theseus, Demetrius and Egeus
Event: Hermia and Lysander plan to elope August 6th 1599

How to Keep your Perfect Date Notes This sketch was taken at the time when Helena enters. Hermia and Lysander haven't yet noticed that she is present. Lysander and Hermia enter into the woods at approximately 11pm at night time. However they are unaware that the maiden (Helena) and Hermia's fiance (Demetrius) are closely following them.
Note: I only found out later that Helena had betrayed Hermia and told Demetrius that they were eloping.
Both Lysander and Hermia become tired after a while and stop to rest. Hermia seems to be aware of her virginity and requests that Lysander 'sleep further off.'
Scene: Hermia's House
Time: Late at night
Event: Preparing to Elope Report Part 2 - Leaving the House August 7th 1599 At approximately 9:30pm, Hermia is seen to be gathering valuables, clothes and materials. She scribbles a quick note on a piece of paper and climbs down the side window using a thick rope which has been suspended carefully.
Note: The piece of paper seems too short to be a message so I am assuming it is some type of letter.
When Hermia reaches the bottom, she is met by Lysander and they stealthily creep around the house and towards the directions of the woods. Notes Sketch of Lysander waiting for Hermia at the bottom of the suspended rope Report Part 3 - The Elopement August 7th 1599 Scene: The Woods
Time: Late at Night
Event: Lysander and Hermia elope Notes This sketch is when Hermia and Lysander go to rest Report Part 4 - Extra Notes 6th - 7th August 1599 Scene: Woods
Time: When Lysander and Hermia eloped
Event: Interaction between Helena and Demetrius Whilst Helena and Demetrius were following Hermia and Lysander, they were having quite a heated conversation. Helena repeatedly stated that she was desperately in love with Demetrius however he considered her as a nuisance. During their discussion, it was made clear that Helena and Demetrius did have a relationship previously.
Note: I believe the reason they split up was when Egeus' propsal to Hermia arrived.
Overall it can be determined that Demetrius is not a dedicated lover. Notes The above sketch is when Helena pursuits Demetrius expressing her love but he tries to run away Finding the right person is difficult in itself, but it’s keeping him that’s the tough part. Many ladies had believed they had found the perfect match, only to experience a traumatizing break up later on. One such unfortunate is Helena. She met a man on a dating site, but their relationship came to an abrupt end.
“I came across Demetrius whilst skimming through profiles on PerfectPartners.com. We just seemed to connect and it felt like we were a match made in heaven. We traded photographs and even shared a kiss.
But our love life was not to be. He met my best friend on another dating site (LoveLife.com) and now he’s head over heels about her. However, I am still madly in love with him therefore I follow him wherever he goes. He now considers me a nuisance and hates me even more.” says Helena.
Women’s Whispa was so touched by Helena’s story, we decided to help her.
Her situation was presented to ‘love and relationships’ expert, Martha Thomas who provided the following analysis.
“The main problem in the relationship between Helena and Demetrius was that Demetrius was actually obliged to go onto another dating site. This could mean that he wasn’t satisfied with Helena in the first place. The reason for this could be that she was either to over-possessive or too shy to interact with Demetrius.”
Ms Thomas also insists that if Helena tries to be a bit more natural when mingling with guys, she may even get a permanent boyfriend in the future.
Even though Helena was unsuccessful with her love life, her bestie Hermia is on top of the world. The man of her dreams, Lysander, just asked her out a while ago. They have now been together for 6 months in total. When asked about their secret to an everlasting relationship, they replied,
“We don’t really know. It’s like we were born to be together. We like the same things and we always see eye to eye. Even though there were a few obstacles at the start, we worked together to overcome them.”

When queried further about the ‘obstacles’, Lysander gave a jolly laugh and left Hermia to do the explaining.
“My father didn’t accept my love to Lysander and he forced me to marry someone who I didn’t love. Therefore, Lysander and I eloped.”
The statement above just proves how far you can go if you are truly in love with someone. Of course, Hermia and Lysander are not the first people to elope for love but their story is still quite romantic.
Overall, keeping yourself involved in a lasting love life can be quite tricky. Helena’s eagerness in finally being in a relationship caused her to lose Demetrius. However, Hermia’s patience and steady-pace thinking gave her the perfect man for her perfect love life.

If you would like a say about this story, please visit www.womenswhispa.com/opinions.
Hermia and Lysander are a happy couple The play starts off in the Duke's Palace where Lord Theseus and Hippolyta are discussing their wedding plans. This is when Egeus enters with Hermia, Lysander and Demetrius. Egeus expresses his disapproval of Hermia's love to Lysander as he wants her to marry Demetrius. Hermia, however, refuses. Therefore, Theseus grants her two other options. Either to die or to spend the rest of her life as a nun. Hermia does not like the sound of either option and so she and Lysander decide to elope through the woods. The only person aware of this is Helena (who is desperately in love with Demetrius). So in a struggle to regain his love, Helena spills the beans to Demetrius and they both follow Hermia and Lysander into the woods. Meanwhile, a group of rude mechanicals prepare to stage a play (Pyramus and Thisbe) for the entertainment at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess. Even though they are very keen, they don't seem to know the first thing about acting. After finally sorting out the roles, they go into the woods to practice. The Fairies, who are unknown to the mortal world, are currently in the woods but not all is well there. The King (Oberon) and Queen (Titania) of the fairies are having a heated argument about an Indian changeling boy that they both want for different purposes. In the end, they both part looking very cross with each other. Oberon calls his faithful servant Puck and orders him to find a magical flower which has the capability to make a person fall in love with the first creature they see. He tells Puck to apply it onto Titania's eyelids and to make sure that the first thing she sees is a hideous mortal. Hermia and Lysander, who have just eloped, stop in the middle of the woods for a rest. They lie further off from each other because they are not yet married, Helena and Demetrius have wandered off to another section of the wood and here, Helena pleads to Demetrius to love her. He, however, states that he can never love her and runs away. Helena chases after him. Oberon, who was hidden behind the bushes, feels sorry for Helena's love pursuit.Therefore, he tells Puck to also put some magical flower juice onto the 'man with the Athenian garments' and to make sure that the first person he sees is Helena. Puck, however, mistakes Lysander for Demetrius and applies the love juice onto his eyelids. As a result, when Lysander awakes, he immediately falls in love with Helena who thinks he is mocking her. Whilst there is chaos within the lovers, the mechanicals are practicing their play in the woods. Bottom who has the role of Pyramus steps forth and starts to act. Puck sees him and transforms his head into that of a donkey. All the other mechanicals flee at his sight. Bottom, who does not know what has happened, begins to sing to himself. Oberon notices Puck's mistake and tells him to correct it immediately. So then, Puck puts the juice on Demetrius' eyelids and now both Lysander and Demetrius are in love with Helena Soon, Hermia awakes from a nightmare and searches for Lysander. She follows his voice and sees both him and Demtrius' expressing their love to Helena. They are both in a physical fight. Hermia gets envious at the sight of Lysander pledging love to Helena. She therefore accuses Helena of being a'theif of love' who in return accuses Hermia of setting up Lysander and Demetrius to tease her This causes Hermia and Helena to also get in a fight. His terrible singing awakens Titania who falls in love with him because of the magical flower. She gives him luxurious treatments and orders her fairy servants to wait upon him. Back to the lovers who are still quarelling about their love mishaps. Puck imitates their voices to separate them from each other and then removes the magical flower juice from Lysander's eyes. He does not remove Demetrius' flower juice so that he still remains in love with Helena. Lysander is also back in love with Hermia. The effect of the magic juice has worn off and it seems to them 'like the simple vexation of a dream' Oberon also decides to release Titania from her embarrassing love to Bottom. Puck also removes Bottom's donkey head and he goes back to finish practicing the play. Now that the lovers don't clash with each other, they return to Athens to get married alongside Theseus and Hippolyta. They watch the play by the mechanicals, which is totally ridiculous, and have a good laugh at a very tragic play The story is concluded by a message from Puck which states that the play we have just watch was a dream. A Midsummer Night's Dream. The intersection of the the 3 plot lines - Human, Fairy and Mechanical - is in the woods. This is because all three worlds join in this area and this is where all the problems start to occur. 'King of Shadows' starts in the year of 1999 and dates back 400 centuries to 1599. This information is significant as it highlights the fact that the central character, Nat Field actually travels through time and connects the two time settings. 2. There is little description given of modern London apart from the aerial view. Why do you think this is? A detailed description of Modern London is not provided because the majority of the story focuses on London in the olden times. If an overview was given, it would make it more difficult for the reader to make a transition between the different time periods, 3. Find out and note the two contrasting descriptions of homes Nat gives us. The first description that Nat provides is of his foster family's house.
"The Fishers lived in an apartment in a big ugly concrete block with a great view of the River Thames". From his use of language it is clear that even though he appreciates having a shelter, he doesn't feel like it is his proper home.
The second is of the olden bedroom. This overview gets us thinking about how the simple necessities such as a pillow were considered luxuries in an older time period. 4. Head up two columns. Under each, list the feautures that Nat describes. You might want to group the things that are the same and then those that are different. (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr bed matress toilet bucket plague still exists plague doesn't exist water ale hygiene no hygiene London, 1599 London, 1999 All these aspects of how objects have changed in the past 4 centuries can be closely connected. Pure water, a proper bed and toilet facilities are all part of hygiene. If a place has a well-maintained hygiene level, it is less likely to be prone to the plague. 5. His bedroom is Nat's introduction to his new world. List the main things he notices. The first things that grab Nat's attention in his new bedroom are that its size is smaller and that his bed was now a straw mattress. There was a threadbare carpet on the floor and the room was enclosed by thick plaster walls. He could smell the strong scent of ale and hear the birds chirping outside. 6. What things have changed across four centruries, and what things have remained the same?
Over four centuries, our style of language has changed as we do not incorporate words such as 'thee' or 'thy' as often as we used to. Also, nowadays, females have the right to act in plays while in the olden days, female roles were portrayed by boys whose voices hadn't broken yet. Another visible change is the use of modern technology. While we can now operate objects with a button, people in the olden days had to do simple works manually. Some aspects which have remained the same throughout the centuries are the special effects. Both time periods were aware that adding effects such as sound and motion enhanced a play. Olden London also used makeup and props like we do. 7. Suggest evidence for our awareness that
life is precarious
it is a dangerous time
health and hygiene have improved a great deal Llife used to be precarious in the olden days because people found entertainment in beheadings, hangings and burning. This meant that some people even made false accusations at ordinary people just for the pleasure of seeing them die. Also at a time when doctors were scarce, it was terrifying to be infected with a killer disease such as the Bubonic Plague. However as the health and hygiene levels rose dramatically throughout the centuries, the Bubonic place had been believed to be wiped out completely. 8. The Social setting is silimar for the two times - both centre on all-male theatre companies performing at the Globe Theayre.
In what way are the two companies similar and in what ways are they different?
Which does Nat prefer and why? Character Chart
Nathan Field adaptable: When Roper is unable to perform his lines as the 'Boy', Nat offers to replace him and this proves that he can adapt to different situations.
"I can do it," I said, "I can do the scene." sensible: When Roper repeatedly teases him, instead of getting physically involved, Nat does the right thing and tells him not to bother him.
"Just leave me alone, Roper!" I said angrily intelligent: Nat was aware of how to use his knowledge to get the apple out of Roper's throat.
"It's called the Heimlich Manoeuvre, some guy called Heimlich invented it." Doesn't Panic: Nat states that when he acts, he just gets so involved that he forgets that he is actually performing to an audience, hence he doesen't panic.
"I wouldn't be Nat there, I would be Puck" Decent: Kind Hearted: Even though Roper had lowered Nat's self esteem many times, he sill helped Roper get the apple out of his throat.
"...my doing the Heimlich business was nothing...he was the same mean little monster he'd been before" Good Actor: The fact that Nat can be so absorbed into his character gives his acting a natural effect and the combination of different aspects of tumbling, gesture and sound production makes it even better. Athletic: Nat Field can perform perfect somersaults, cartwheels and other tumbling performacne in a flawless presentation.
"I've been good at gymnastics ever since I was young..." Grief-stricken: Inside himself, Nat has a sorrowful memory of his dead parents and how his father died because of his love for his mother.
"What is it this terrible buried sorrow? Dost miss thy parents?" private: Nat doesn't really enjoy talking about his parents and prefers to keep it to himself. This is because he doesn't want to be sympathized or mushed about not having parents. sense of humour: Nat seems to understand that whilst a very important play is going on in a theatre, you do not play a joke to ruin the play like Roper did. This proves that Nat is decent and knows the disciplinary standards which are expected off him. The fact that Nat loves the theatre is mentioned several times inside the play itself.
"...interested in the stage. And we were all crazy about it." loves theatre: sensitive: When Nat experienced just a tinge of warmth from Shakespeare, he 'fell apart'. This shows that Nat can be sensitive towards things that he truly values.
"It was the sudden warmth and sympathy..." mature: This is just a combination of the quotes and example from decent and sensible for they are the aspects that define mature. a good memory: Nat Field has the ability to remember not only his lines but also some of his accompaniments such as when he memorized a few of Bottom's lines.
"Thy memory is good" Nat has a funny and understanding side to him because he finishes Roper's sentence exactly the way Roper would have done it. This means that he is imitating which is a part of humour.
"-Master Burbage would have-"
"Cut off thine ears. One by One, very slowly, inch by inch." quick-thinking: During Nat's performance as Puck, he is about to drop the iris juice onto Lysander's eye when a girl from the audience cries, "No, Puck, prithee-he is the wrong man". It is Nat's quick thinking ability of incorporating the girl into the play that made the audience enjoy it even more.
"I listened puzzled again to the air, (my) head (was) cocked, (Did I hear something?)" The 2 companies are similar in the fact that they both have strong leaders who are William Shakespeare and Arby. Both companies also get to experience acting in the Globe Theatre. The major difference is that the new company gets to rehearse and perform in much more luxuries settings than the old one. I believe that Nat still prefers the olden time company because there was more value for acting and he received more appreciation.
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