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Esperanza Rising Project

No description

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Esperanza Rising Project

Esperanza Rising Project
By Alex Hartman
Common Information
Growth Cycle
Common Information
Growth Cycle
How it can be further transformed?
Common Information
How can it be further transformed
Vitis Vinfera
About 60 Species and more than 8,000 grapes.
They grow best in long,dry, and hot summers. Their natural stress makes them well adapted to this area.
There uses are, grape jelly, wine, juice, jam, vinegar, and raisins.
A grape is a round and sweet fruit . It is also very juicy and squishy, if you press on it very hard it will break open and squirt out all the juice. Most people eat it fresh because if you don't eat it fresh, it will probably be rotten.
Cucumis Melon
There are only 2 kinds of cantaloupe-
The European cantaloupe is oblong with green skin and the North American cantaloupe is round with a thin brown skin.
Its uses are to help grow corn in some parts of Africa, some vitamins, and it can be used for deodorant.
They grow best in very hot, dry, and warm places. In Europe, in the summer they grow really good because the weather. In the winter farmers grow them in greenhouses and after the frost they put them back out in the warm weather. Cantaloupes are very sweet and smooth fruit. There skin is very rough but the real cantaloupe is very soft. They also have a musky odor. They can be firm green or orange fresh. When is getting ripe it turns from green to gold to orange.
Salanum Tubersum
There are 53 different kinds
They grow best in cool and dry climate and they are grown in at least 80 countries. Potatoes need to be watched so they don't get a sunburn. Potatoes grow best in winter.
The uses of a potato is french fries, potato chips, it can conduct electricity, and mashed potatoes. In other countries they can be used for flour, starch, alcohol, and distilled liquors.
The potato is a member of the nightshade family. It has small green laves and pretty little flowers. If you eat them raw they are rough and hard. If you eat them cooked they are smooth and mushy.
The seasons have to do with it, if you don't pick them before winter they will not grow. They usually get bigger it probably almost or ready to pick. You also need to pay attention to the color because when they are green they are not ready to pick but when they get light purple like a red they are almost ready to pick. When they get to be dark purple that means they are ready to pick. Next you need to eat them!
Growth Cycle
How can it be further transformed
Cantaloupes grow on a vine. When you can tell that they are to be picked when they get way bigger. When you plant the seed and you start to see the cantaloupe it is very small and there skin is a very very light tan. When they get a little bigger there skin will turn light tan. When they are as big as you see them when you are eating them they will be ready to pick they also get harder like before they were mushy. It has big leaves and they have flowers that needed to be pollinated for it to have fruit on the vine.
Potatoes grew bigger. They change from really soft to hard. In warmer regions farmers plant them in winter and fall because in the spring and summer it is too hot. Potatoes grow underground. There are stems on the potato plant that have flowers on the end of them. On the part of the stem that is underground tubers form and we eat them. Potatoes don't grow by seeds, they grow by the eye of the potatoes. Little roots grow out of it.
Grapes change in many different ways:
When grapes are dried they are raisins.
Wine is made by allowing grape juice to ferment. Fermentation means when yeast and grape juice mix together to make alcohol and carbon dioxide.
Jam and Jelly is made by you mashing up grapes and putting sugar in it and you have to cook it.
Jelly is also made with pectin.
To make grape juice you have to smash, press, and add sugar.
Potatoes can be transformed into many different ways like french fries, potato chips, mashed potatoes, and so much more:
To make french fries you need to fry or bake potatoes. You can also add some salt.
To make potato chips you need to cut them into slices and fry them.
To make mashed potatoes you need to mash potatoes.
It can also conduct electricity.
Cantaloupes and Melons are considered and a fresh fruit and they have no uses.
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