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Freedcamp - the NEW CI Communication

(an introduction to Freedcamp, and specifically, how we, CI, are going to use it to communicate! =)

Wei Wu

on 30 September 2011

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Transcript of Freedcamp - the NEW CI Communication

Breathe. I think you might find yourself enjoying the ride! To-Do Lists... Discussions... Everything Else... Welcome! The Wall... 30 Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr You are at a tutorial for how I think
we could and should use
Freedcamp! =) This is where comments go. This shows you who's
online at any point in time/
how long it's been since
Person A checked the page. It's actually fairly simple. It's a wall.
You post comments. Some general GUIDELINES for the Wall, to maximize efficiency: POST ON THE WALL:
- meeting times (which can be commented on/debated)
- action points, such as "Please comment/okay/give input on the date for the picnic in Discussions"
- nice thoughts, comments, etc. (general kind fluff) or facts ("going to be late," etc.) DO NOT:
- post discussion questions (unless you indicate you want a response in discussions)
- start a new thought within a thought (so, if someone posts about meeting on Wed. and people are commenting, start a new comment thread if you want to point out that it's raining on Saturday, please?) Click the check mark to change a task to "in progress" and then again to "complete" You can also re-order the to-do list by dragging the dots to the left of the check mark. =) You can assign tasks to specific individuals!
(Or to yourself.) Usage Notes:
- Comments should be used for tasks which require a small amount of discussion
- Use the description function to tag Google docs, or to write a small note to whoever is doing the task, OR, the person to whom it is assigned can use the description function to write quick notes, etc. An example comment on a task. This is where "discussion" goes! I think we can kind of go with the flow on this - we can adapt/change our strategies as necessary. This should be fairly common sense, I hope? Comment page in Discussions MILESTONES... I'm not entirely decided how I want to use this... We don't have to use it at all. So far I use it for major deadlines. Big picture deadlines. If anyone has any brilliant ideas, let me know! You should probably change your notification settings so that you aren't blitzed 24/7. Also, at some point... I know this is new and strange and going to take some time to get used to, and maybe we do decide that we don't want to use this, that it's inconvenient, but I would like to ask everyone to at least give it a chance?

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, please let me know! =) [ Okay, the tour's officially over. You can go do other work now.
Thanks for sticking through to the end! ]
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