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Tokemon Handbook

No description

Tex Cox-Stanton

on 19 September 2015

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Transcript of Tokemon Handbook

The fire type starter of the Taos region is torika, the flame bird tokemon. it's
tokedex number 1#.
Torika the flame bird tokemon,
it uses it's wings to flap embers.
But, it does not flap embers all of the
Tokemon Handbook
Tokemon handbook

Hello, this is your tokemon handbook perfect is you are a beginner tokemon trainer but, also very good if you've already just started for a while. Anyway, this will have information on the starter tokemon, and a few tokemon you should find at the beginning of your journey. You should know about everything buy the time you finish this handbook.
Marana is a lengendary tokemon it is a fighting-jutsu type. It lives in a
old haunted house. Anyone that
comes in never comes out.
It's tokedex number 11#
Marana, the skinner tokemon this
tokemon skins anyone that comes
into it's den. It collects their skin and
hangs it on it's wall of it's den.

Now you should know a bit more about tokemon thanks to this handbook. See ya!
Gaiasaur is the grass tokemon starter it is the grass lizard tokemon, it's
tokedex number is #4
Gaiasaur the grass lizard tokemon, it hides from predators by hiding in bushes it blends in perfectly so they are not seen.
Smashak is the water type tokemon starter, it is the reckless eel tokemon it
is tokedex number 7#
Smashak the reckless eel tokemon,
can spit water out of it's neck to scare
away it's enemys.
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