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Lake Shore Am. Rev.

No description

Daniel Baker

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Lake Shore Am. Rev.

Britain Almost wins the War...
British Gen. Germain Orders the capture of NYC.
From there, move north back to Massachusetts
Continental Army needed to block the British Advance
Declaration of Independence Declared
Are All Men Created Equal?
Question for the African American..
Would Independence be granted for all?
Who should they side with?
The battle of Long Island was the first of many defeats
Americans forced to Retreat: NY->NJ->PA
Under supplied

Washington's Crossing
What do you see?
Fading Hopes among the colonies
Thomas Pain's The Crisis...page 92
Winter Camp
So What?
Mean while...
The Stregity of winning of the war changed...sotra...
The American Plan
Old Plan: Win the War with a LARGE decisive battle
New Plan: Play Defense!-->Remember CTF
The British Plan
Old Plan: Win the War with a LARGE decisive battle
New Plan: Divide the rest of the colonies from New England
2 problems:
First: Gen. Burgoyne's needed to get to NY from Canada. Chose a route through the wilderness
The Other New Plan?!?
General Howe had other thoughts on this "New British Plan of Attack"
Decided that he should first take Philadelphia then...see old plan
The Battle of Saratoga
Commonly thought of as the Turning point of the War
Showed the WOLRD that the Americans could stand up and win
Breathed new life into the American cause
French Allies
Valley Forge
Gen. Howe still commanded Philadelphia, PA
Brutal Hardships
lack of food
lack of warmth
page 94
The British Plan Changed Again!
General Clinton took over for Gen. Howe and launched an attack on Savanna GA
Gen Clinton swept from GA to South Carolina to North Carolina
In North Carlonia, Gen. Clinton returned to New York leaving the Army in the hands of Lord Cornwallis
The War In the South
America relied heavily on militias
Guerrilla Warfare
Francis Marion
Soldiers who operate on their own and are not part of a regular army
To Help Protect the South Gen. Washington sent Gen. Nathaniel Green
Army too small to win on a major battle Field
Led Cornwallis on an exhausting chase through the "back country"

The Battle of Yorktown
Washington trapped the Cornwallis's Army
French Allies arrived just in time
8,000 French Troops
French Warships sealed off the Chesapeake Bay
Oct, 19 1781 the Cornwallis surrendered to Gen. Washington
However Cornwallis did not attend
Ending the War
The Treaty of Paris

Signed in 1783, in Paris France
3 main parts:
Britain agreed to recognize the US as an independent nation...Happy Birthday!!
Britain gave up ALL claimes to land between Atlantic Coast and Mississippi River (Canada-Florida)
US agreed to return all rights and property to Loyalists-->Many left for Canada
Other Revolutions
French Revolution
Haitian Revolution
American Life Following the War
George Washington gladly resigns from public life
Articles of Confederation
Cannot afford to pay for soldier pension or salary
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