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Does mint actually cool things down?

No description

santiago mugnier

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Does mint actually cool things down?

Does Mint Actually Cool Things Down?
Our hypothesis is that mint wont cool the hot water because its only a mint sensation because mint comes from a plant.
Mint gum or candy might make everything in your mouth feel sub-zero, the feeling is just a thermal illusion that happens when our sensory receptors get fooled by stimuli.
Our experiment is to find out if mint will cool the hot water or not, and this is the things we use.

for hot water
for mint
for thermometer
By: Santiago Mugnier,Andrea Arango,Andres Ocampo and Sofia Garzon
Our conclusion is that mints did not really cool the water down. It cooled a little bit because the mint was not at the temperature of the water and how we explain in the research its only a sensation that your brain does.
Acknowledgments to:
Alexandra Mejia Valencia
Maria Fernanda Rendo'n
Alejandro Dominguez


Our observations were that the minty water lowed more when we add the mints because the mints were not at the temperature of the hot water, and then the temperature was almost equal.
Science is cool!
Are you inspired enough to be a scientist?
Do your own experiment and be a genius scientist.
Want to hear some music?
Want to hear some music?
Want to hear some music?
What We Learn?
We learn that mints produce gastritis because they have Sorbitol, food coloring, aspartame, Maltodextrin, cottonseed oil, and flavorings.Those chemical products irritate your colon. So we recomend to not each much mint.
Thank you for your time
Britanica school edition
More experiments
If you want to do more experiments
with mint you can visit some of these pages:

We got a glass of hot water and take the temperature with a thermometer. Record this.
We place 5 mints in the glass of hot water and take the temperature again. Was there a change?
We place more mints in the glass of hot water 5 at a time and record if we saw any change. We monitor it for 30 minutes.
The other glass of hot water is to be used as a reference. This is because we know that water cools over time and we want to make sure that if there is any change in temperature, it is not independent of time, but of the mints speeding up the cooling process.We record our results. Any changes?
Distillation Mint produces an oil rich in menthol, a substance commercially valuable and widely used in food production such as candy, shaving lotions, oral products, perfumes, etc.
This is one of my favorite experiments because its a cool explosion!!!
but wait a moment!!!
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