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Group Project Assignment

No description

Ed Liu

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Group Project Assignment

Group Project Assignment
Sponsorship Proposal
The Hong Kong Marathon

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Road Race Experience
SWOT Analysis
New Event


By Donald Kwong,
Milhouse Lok,
Eddie Liu,
& Jay Lo

History of the Hong Kong Amateur Athletics Association
History of The Hong Kong Marathon
Benefit for the Sponsor - China Merchants Bank
PEST Analysis
Strong financial basis
-One of the 4 major banking groups in China
Sponsorships and Co-operation Experience
- Main Sponsorship of international sports event in 2011 – The 26th Summer Universiade, ShenZhen.
-Co-operating with charity party in China – One Foundation.
Not the front priority of the major banking group in Hong Kong.
Great marketing and brand promoting need, the marathon is a great channel for the promotion to China, Macau, Hong Kong and overseas.
Lack of the experience of sponsoring at Hong Kong sports event with the local parties and policies.
One of the international level sport event in Hong Kong, highly support by the HKSAR government.
Budgeting is running with strong reference basis, the funding is not difficult to be controlled.
One of the most popular annually sport event in Hong Kong, the acceptability from the Hong Kong citizens is very high.
The supporting equipments and facilities are well developed with twenty years experience, For example: Registration system, Time keep system and the communication channel..etc
Opening Ceremony
42K distance - return point set at after 20K
Invite more higher ranking international runners
Different companies are going to help (water/equipment)
Closing Ceremony and Award Presentation
1. Company Image
- In addition to business, the Company will enhance the social image and promote sports development, the establishment of a positive and energetic image

2. Increase Exposure
- Let the public know more about your company
- Explore the HK market
- Many TV programme to show your company name

3. Hong Kong SMEs Value Increase
- Hong Kong SMEs to increase opportunities for co-operation

Every year will organize at least 4 different long distance runs in Hong Kong
-MIZUNO Half Marathon (over 20 years)
-Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon (M mark event) (start from 1997)
- Standard Chartered Marathon, running from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, China symbolizing the return of Hong Kong's sovereignty to China, was staged as a cross-border race. Starting in Sheung Shiu in Hong Kong, running through the border of Huanggang into Shenzhen, China, attracted over 1,000 entries, drawing at the time a large international field of runners ever invited to a distance running event in Hong Kong.

Sanction Event:
Unicef Half Marathon
LCSD District Long Distance Run

Major Event:
East Asia Game (2009)

The Hong Kong Amateur Athletics Association (HKAAA) was founded in 1951.
Previously known as the Hong Kong Amateur Track and Field Association (HKATFA).
Governing body for Athletics, including Track & Field, Distance Running and Race Walking in Hong Kong.
In 1953 the Annual Championship was held on the streets of Kowloon for the first time.
In 1959 the Island Relay event was organized with the first major sponsor Edo Watch.
In 1969 the 1st Marathon was held in Yuen Long and was sponsored by Tin Tin Daily News paying HK$50,000.
In 1989 organized the International Golden Mile Race sponsored by the Bank of China and held in the heart of Central.
In 1997 the Standard Chartered Marathon was organized.
In 2003 Liu Xiang was invited to compete in the Watson Athletic King
Championship Finals.
In 2010 the HKAAA celebrated her 60th Anniversary.
Began in 1981 launched as the Hong Kong - Shenzhen Marathon.
In 1997 Standard Chartered Bank became the title sponsor.
In 1998 the marathon established a new course Tsing Ma to Chek Lap Kok International Airport.
In 2001 participants exceeds 10,000.
In 2005 incorporated in the Greatest Race on Earth.
In 2006 a prize fund of US$100,000 was available.
In 2008 new arrangements were made for the final 1km to enable more spectators.
In 2011 early start times was established for better air quality and better times as a result.
In 2012 the IAAF recognizes the marathon as a Bronze Label event with over 70,000 participants.
In 2013 the IAAF upgrades the marathon to a
Silver Label event.
Benefit for the Sponsor
Road Race Experience
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
New Event
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