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Leonardo Da Vinci_BPJHS

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riley tucker

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Leonardo Da Vinci_BPJHS

"The Renaissance Man"
Life Span: April 15th, 1452 - May 2nd, 1519 (age 67)
Summary Of Life
Benjamin Sisk
Anthony Sam
Scientific Contributions
Artistic Contributions
Most of his artworks inspired later artists to be more creative
Created "Mona Lisa"(1503-1506)
Created "The Last Supper"(1495-1498)
Created the "Baptism of Christ"(1472-1475)
Created the "Virgin in the Rocks"(1483-1486)
Created maps of Italy for Cesare Borgia like the map of Imola
Left most of his work unfinished
Literary Contributions
Wrote many books and journals during his lifetime.
Wrote about anatomy, astronomy, and many other types of sciences.
Has over two volumes of books that he wrote.
His most famous journal is the Codex Leicester
It's a seventy-two page manuscript and was written in 1452 and was finished on 1519.
His journals had facts about his research and sketches of his inventions.
Over 4000 pages of his journals are still around today.
He wrote backwards to keep people from stealing his journals
Mathematical Contributions
Used the Golden Ratio in his paintings
Used the Golden Ratio in Mona Lisa for her face
Used it in The Last Supper to find the position of the people and the ceiling
He worked with two and three dimensional figures and their properties
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The Golden Ratio
"naM ecnassianeR ehT"
Was born near Florence, Italy in the year 1452.
His name translates to Leonard From Vinci
Dad's name was Ser Piero Da Vinci
Mom's name was Caterina.
Considered an illegitimate son because he was born out of a formal marriage.
Later concealed in his father's family
In his teenage years he worked as a helper for other artists.
During his career he was friends with Guialiano De' Medici who came from a wealthy family.
He died in 1519 of an unknown cause
Dug up bodies to work on them
Considered by many the Father of Modern science
rof uoy knahT
noitatneserp ruo gnidnetta

Invented the Aerial Screw
Invented the parachute
Invented the viola organista
(known today as the piano)
Invented deadly war weapons
Studied botany and used certain plants in his art
Sketched human bodies
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