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Copy of Runner

My book project on the book Runner by Robert Newton;D

Allison Mills

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Runner

Runner Robert Newton Genre-
Historical Fiction Themes-
Chase your dreams with all you've got.
Even in the darkest times and places, there's always hope. Primary Issues-
Charlie's family is deep in poverty
Though Charlie's job as a gangster's courier pays well, it is very dangerous and difficult to quit. Setting- Richmond in Melbourne, Australia. Also known as "Struggletown" on account of the deep poverty there. Characters This flower(the Snowdrop) symbolizes hope Charlie Feehan: an excellent runner, very protective of his family, passionate, has a quick temper, loves Alice Norman "Nostrils" Heath:
surprisingly, more of a hero than Charlie. Brave, selfless, good humored even in dark times Leslie "Squizzy" Taylor: a notorious gangster. Very short(literally 5'2), but has an explosive temper and is quite dangerous. Jimmy Barlow: a minor protagonist, works for an opposing gang, jealous, hates Charlie and Nostrils Alice Cornwall: beautiful, redheaded, concerned for her family, fiery personality, determined, likes Charlie and is proud of him Mr. Redmond: energetic, wants to coach Charlie, friendly, easily excitable Summary- Charlie Feehan lives with his mother and baby brother, Jack, in Melbourne in 1919. They are poor, but Mrs. Feehan tries to keep Charlie in school. He disobeys her wishes and become's the courier of Squizzy Taylor, much to the dislike of Jimmy Barlow, another hopeful who wanted that position. He comes home to find Mr. Peabody, one of his neighbors, molesting his mother. He hits Mr. Peabody with a cricket bat and nearly kills him, but Squizzy covers for him.
Meanwhile, Nostrils is selected for a region footy team. The night after the first game, the two of them make a debt-collecting run in Fitzroy, a dangerous neighborhood. He goes in to collect the debts, but instead of first meeting Mr. Cornwall, he meets his daughter, Alice, and falls in love. Since the Cornwall's can't pay their debt, Charlie uses some of his wages to pay for them. On their way back, Jimmy Barlow and his gang jump Charlie and Nostrils. Charlie gets away, but Nostrils trips and is beaten. Charlie returns to find him, barely alive, and rushes him to the hospital. He cannot play footy again becaue of his injuries.
Squizzy discovers Charlie paid the debts of the Cornwall's and becomes very angry, but Charlie quits the job, angering him even more.
Mr. Redmond sees Charlie's talent in running and offers to train him for the Ballarat Mile, a high-profile, highly rewarding race. The day of the race, Charlie tells Mr. Redmond to bet his(Charlie's) life savings that he would win. Mr. Redmond does, and Charlie wins the race, earning so much money that he buys a woodyard(previously owned by Mr. Peabody) and names is the Heath and Feehan Woodyard. Opinion of Book: I believe it was a fair book, the words were a little bit hard to understand, but I thought the plot was wonderful and the characters were amazing, characters you can actually love, hate, relate to, or whatever. Plus gangsters(especially real ones) tend to give books or movies something extra cool. Example Recommendations I recommend this book to people who like short, swift books with action and a light sprinkle of romance. Oh, and mobsters because mobsters are cool.
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