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My trusty stead!

No description

Charlotte Clayton

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of My trusty stead!

My trusty stead!
Leaving School
We would have had a better leaving party... if Olla didn't ruin the whole night with her drunken ways.... not that I hold grudges.

I think we had about ten million photos with Mr Burrows and I am sure he treasured every single one....

Mr Forbes will always be the one that got away however I still hold on to the hope that one day we shall meet him again and we will apologize for missing prom.

Mr Val Sant will be known as Mr Sayer the murder edition forever but we know the truth of his secret spy past when he picked the pad lock in our art lesson!

I don't know how you put up with me in art as most days I got distracted by shiny things and mocking Mrs Bowerman as she failed to teach us anything.
I think deep deep deep down volleyball will never be the same without us.

Mr Burrows probably misses us ducking out the way of the volleyball and running away if the ball nearly touched us.

I remember the horrible Jesus look a like smashed the ball in your face and he said sorry like a million times but we always judged him.

I also remember poor Mr Burrows
when Vicky smashed the ball in his
eye and he was crying and his eye
looked swollen....

I also remember the scary butch girl
who looked like she was going to hit
me in the face and I almost cried.
We look like models or something
What is this photo?!
I love you baby
Dearest Vicky
Thank you for always being there for me and for listening to me moan and babble on about things.

I just wanted to you and to share some funny memories for you to look at whilst in Leeds :)
Moving out
You did so well with your D*D*D*!!!! Everyone is so proud of you and you are now at a fantastic university. You work so hard you deserved it!

You have found a fantastic bunch of friends at uni and they're so friendly and awesome!

Moving to uni made me realize how fantastic you are and I missed you so much that reunited nights were made even better!

Our standard lesbian shot began....
Bus Buddies
Bus buddies is where we have the most scary memories... from catching a bus that refuses to stop at our bus stop to the weird passengers taste of magazines *cough nuts mag cough*.

We have been serenaded by drunken men at three o clock in the afternoon and we have had been cursed by old ladies for allowing them to get on the bus before us.

I'm not sure if they wait for us to get on the bus or if we just attract freaks but one day we shall venture on your Westy bus to the unknown!
The adventures of alcohol!
I remember ordering pizza drunk
and falling on a certain someones computer .....
I love you very much and I hope you feel much better soon, I am with you every step of the way and we will always be here for you!
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