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The Hair Salon

Consumer Psychology Project

Cheryl Anne Lim

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of The Hair Salon

Trends and Styles Rock n' Roll Waves Rough Centre Parting Bob Red Pastel Colours Simple and Sexy Illusion of Thinner Face Range of Face Shapes Copper Red, Fiery Red Purple-Lilac, Pink Expectations of Target Users I expect a reasonable price! I appreciate small talk by hair stylists I don't mind travelling a distance to my favourite hair salon Primary Research Stylish Sarah Key Findings Dislikes unkempt appearances
Tend to overspend – especially on fashion and beauty items
Likes to cook
Likes to watch TV and dramas

A person’s loyalty towards a product or service is highly dependable on the amount of satisfaction felt after receiving it Target users mostly feel positive before and after they go for a hair make over The four factors that affects our target users’ decision making and brand loyalty are:

1. Benefits for long-term customers
2. Good expertise
3. Good relationship with hairstylist
4. Convenience The influence of mass media is extremely strong Do not go to a particular high-end salon to be on par with the other customers of higher social class Target users do not allow the change of social status to affect their choices in selection of hair salon Hair Salon Related 1 3 Mr. Yeo drove his BMW there. The salon was just 10-minutes’ drive away from their house located at Orchard. This drew her more towards going to the hair salon because of the convenience level. 2 4 5 Mrs. Sarah wakes up and looks at the mirror. Being vain in nature, she is horrified by her appearance as her white roots are all grown out
She complains to her husband about her hair who then points to a newspaper advertisement saying she should get her hair done for CNY
Mrs. Sarah was convinced and trusted her husband so she decided to give it a try
Being an optimist, she was positive that the hair salon would change her hair for the better and was so excited Mr. and Mrs. Yeo arrived and walked into “The Hair” hand in hand. Upon seeing Mr. and Mrs. Yeo's arrival, the receptionist immediately stands up and greets them politely

After knowing their purpose of coming, she informs Miranda who is the lead hair stylist and owner. Miranda appears immediately, reflecting efficiency, greets both of them and leads Mrs. Sarah away. The receptionist then leads Mr. Yeo to the waiting area. The Hair provides a good ambience being fully air-conditioned with dim orange lightings. It also provides a clean environment and many entertainment materials such as iPad, television and the latest magazines.

The receptionist pro-actively passes him some magazines and the television remote control. She informs him that he can make full use of them while waiting for his wife and asked if he needs any food and beverages Experience Map - Timeline After listening to Sarah’s complaints, Miranda takes out an iPad and makes a few recommendations on the recent hairstyle and hair color trends. Miranda advised and assured Sarah on the hairstyle that suits her best, taking into consideration of her face shape and age.
Sarah feels that Miranda is a friendly and caring hairstylist. This is because Miranda took extra efforts to understand Sarah’s problems first before rushing into the elaborations of various hair trends 6 8 Being efficient, in less than a minute, Miranda is back with her equipment.They started chatting about Sarah’s healthy hair and Miranda realizes that Sarah actually values hair care a lot and tend to overspend especially on fashion and beauty items.

While Miranda is doing Sarah’s hair, she initiated more personal conversations such as conversation about Sarah’s family The hairstylist told her to sit back and relax while waiting for the hair treatment to finish and that there are many factors to keep her entertained at the hair salon. She was given magazines and an iPad to ensure that she does not get bored while waiting.

Comfortable seats with a massaging function made Ms Sarah feel very comfortable and gave her the ability to enjoy the hair treatment process instead of dreading it.
Ms Sarah was also provided a timer and an assistance button. 7 As the wait for the hair to be treated ends, the timer on Ms Sarah’s hairdressing table would ring therefore sending a signal to both her and the hairstylist to proceed to the washing rooms of the hair salon.

She has the choice of having cold or warm water to wash her hair and will be provided with a body massage chair so as to unstiffen her legs and body after sitting down for a long while

At the point of styling, tips on how to maintain the newly treated hair would be given by Ms Miranda to Ms Sarah at this point so that she knows how to properly take care of her hair. Ms Miranda would also give her the back view of how her hair looks after the process with the front-view camera of an iPad. 9 Through the intercom service, the receptionist informs Mr Yeo that Ms Sarah is done with her hair treatment. He calls her to find out where she is and goes to meet her. Upon seeing her with the new hairstyle, he compliments her.

The receptionist hands over the bill which Mr Yeo signs for immediately without any waiting time for the process. After the payment, Ms Miranda escorts Ms Sarah and her husband out while chatting with them amicably in the hopes that they would return to the salon soon. 10 Experience Map - Timeline Conclusion with Recommendations Consultation with hair stylist
Facilities during waiting time
Payment process
Customer database Thank You from The Hair Salon Corporate Video Decision to go Hair Salon Transportation to Hair Salon Entering the Hair Salon Waiting Area Consultation Process Treatment from Hair Stylist Process of Hair Treatment Process of Hair Wash and Styling Payment Process Transition to Become a Returning Customer After receiving good feedback from her other family members and friends on the new look she has after the hair treatment she had a month ago, she decided to return to The Hair Salon. When she entered, she was greeted with the same receptionist who recognized her face.

The receptionist asked for her name for confirmation and after only typing Ms Sarah’s name into the database, she knew exactly she wanted for her hair this time and that it was Ms Sarah’s second visit to the hair salon. Bloopers
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