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Conduit d'Aération - présentation Laval Virtual

No description

Lucile Haute

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Conduit d'Aération - présentation Laval Virtual

Real Time Poetry Game # Conduit d'Aération Model of the participatory installation is presented at Espace Centquatre, on June 2012 the 16th, for the Festival Futur en Seine. "Real Time Poetry Game" device is realised by the EnsadLab/EN-ER group, with the partnership of Ubisoft and the support of Labex Arts H2H. Conduit d'Aération Performance presented for the oppening of Festival de la Fiction Française, February 2013, the 26th, at Institut Français and France Ambassady in Roma, with the support of Labex Arts H2H. Conduit d'Aération writing and performing a narrative hypertext "Conduit d'Aération" is a hyperfiction loosely based on a true story. It is written and designed by a group of artists and researchers with the support of the 'Laboratoire d'excellence Arts-H2H'.
September 2011, the 15th, Mohamed's body is found inside the vent of a bank office. Who was this man, how and why did he get caught into this fatal trap? Witnesses's voices explore various hypotheses. We have thought of different ways to involve the reader in the unfolding story in order to make him/her explore its various logical and temporal layers. This creative process is based on a strong conceptualization of the potential semantic power of the hyperlink in narrative context.

This hyperfiction is presented on different ways :
- participatory installation
- performance
- digital book for iPad Digital book with Flammarion-Actialuna with Labex Arts H2H's support.

The volume of a digital text containing hyperlinks can be only estimated, contrary to a paper book. That's a difficulty we care about on the visual design. Conduit d'Aération We conceived this narrative hypertext as an augmented interactive fiction that will be edited as a touchpad application, and exhibited as a participatory installation in festivals.
What happens to the text, links and perception of narrative time and space when this e-book, originally designed as a private reading device, is transformed into a participatory installation in a public space?

Keywords: Hyperfiction, participatory installation, hyperlink, narratives, reader-response theory, performance. performance scenography digital book participatory installation Dispositif : Lucile Haute, Alain Barthélémy, Karen Guillorel, Aurélie Herbet, Jérémie Forge, Frederick Thompson
Writting group : Alexandra Saemmer, Gaotian, Karen Guillorel, Lucile Haute, Li Jun Pek, Julien Penasse Based on "L'homme Volcan" (Mathias Malzieu, ed. Flammarion -Actialuna, 2011) with hypertext add. Alexandra Saemmer et Julien Pénasse (auteurs)
Aurélie Herbet (tissage de l'hypertexte)
Lucile Haute (conception graphique)
Odile Farge (coordination écriture)
Samuel Petit (coordination du développement de l'application) Lucile Haute (conception, réalisation)
Alexandra Saemmer et Julien Pénasse (auteurs)
Marie-Luce Nadal (scénographie)
Aurélie Herbet (assistante réalisation)
Odile Farge (coordination écriture)
Grégory Dassié (régie et captation vidéo)
Sonia Litaeïm (Labex Arts-H2H) - coordination pour la présentation à Rome pour la soirée d'ouverture du Festival de la Fiction Française (Institut Français et Ambassade de France)
avec l'aide précieuse de Christian Phaure (studio son de l'École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs)
et les voix de : Djamel Afnaï, Elise Courcol-Rozès, Regina Demina, Sana Hmouda, Ianis Lallemand, Jean-Paul Schintu, Mahdi Sehel, Gurshad Shaheman et Leïla Vigné. déclamations de textes en live passage de la sebha Conduit d'Aération http://www.laval-virtual.org/2013/?p=306
http://lucilehaute.fr/conduitdaeration2.html Next step will be to merge the participatory installation and performance scenography. Principal structure of the fiction will loop. Around this 15min base, additive events appears: live or recorded texts, from perfomers or started by the action of the participants. Un dispositif est ce qui organise les relations entre les sujets et les objets et des sujets entre eux.
(Device organize relationship between subjects and objects and between subjects themselves.)
- Giorgio Agamben support de conférence
pour la présentation
au salon
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