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Hunger Games

No description

Haley Simpson

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Hunger Games

Characters The whole story takes place in the country of Panem. Most of the thriving land that used to be North America was burned, flooded, dried out, and just destroyed by many natural disasters. What ever was left became the country of Panem. The new country was split up into 13 districts and a Capitol. Everything was just peachy up until the Dark Days, where the districts tried to overthrow the Capitol. All were defeated, except District 13, which was destroyed. Short after the uprising, the Hunger Games were created to show the people of Panem that the Capitol had total control over their lives and to prevent another dispute. Panem Conflict The main type of conflict shown in this novel is man vs society, society being the Capitol. The Capitol has full control over the districts and the people who reside in them. They attained this overruling power by defeating the 12 rebellious districts and destroying the 13th. After the disputes, the Capitol created the Hunger Games to show how powerful they actually are. There are also small conflicts between the tributes themselves as they fight to be crowned the victor of the Hunger Games. Mockingjay The mockingjay bird is a motif because it represents safety and it is reoccurring throughout the story. The mockingjay pin is given to Katniss by Madge, the President's daughter, to keep Katniss safe. When Katniss and her father used to go hunting, her father would sing with his beautiful voice to the birds and they would repeat the tune back. She said that the pin made her feel like her father was with her and watching over her. Rue and Katniss also used the mockingjays found in the arena to communicate with each other to let the other know that they are safe. By: Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Katniss is a type of root that when baked or boiled tastes like any kind of potato. This is what Katniss Everdeen was named after. Her father always said that "As long as you can find yourself, you'll never starve." This leaves of this root are also shaped like arrowheads which would make sense because Katniss is an amazing archer. Katniss is the protagonist, only 16 years old, and lives in the Seam of District 12. After her father died in a coal mining accident, she became the sole provider for her mom, her little sister Prim, and herself. She is an avid bow hunter, killing squirrels and rabbits to provide for her family everyday. Katniss is brave and strong and very connected with her little sister. When Prim is chosen to be a tribute in the Hunger Games from District 12, Katniss volunteers as tribute in her place. Katniss reminds me of my brother because I know he would do anything to protect me. Peeta Mellark Peeta is also a protagonist and from District 12. His parents own a bakery, he is an only child, and his mother is abusive. He was the male tribute chosen to represent District 12 in the 74th Hunger Games. Peeta has always loved Katniss but throughout the course of the Hunger Games, Katniss falls for him right back, pulling the audience in. I think that Peeta's name is significant because pita is a type of flat bread and his family owns a bakery. Also, the word pita comes from a Greek word meaning "strong" or "clotted". Peeta thinks he is flat and boring, like pita, but he is physically strong and shows it in his private session in front of the Gamemakers. Foreshadowing The night before the games at the dinner table, Peeta tells Haymitch that Katniss "has no idea the effect she can have." This statement was foreshadowing to me that Katniss can make a statement and people will notice her, which they did. Primrose Everdeen Primrose, Prim for short, is Katniss's little sister. She is an animal lover, owning a goat named Lady to provide milk and cheese to sell for her family, and a stray cat named Buttercup, also named after a flower due to the color of his coat. Prim is only 12 years old, meaning that she only had one entry in the bowl for the tribute drawing. Prim had the worst luck of anyone because she was chosen to be the female tribute to represent District 12 in the annual Hunger Games. Katniss bravely volunteered for her, just like any older sibling would do. The name Primrose comes from the flower primrose. Although not part of the rose family, the name primrose comes from the French and Latin word meaning "first rose". The primrose flower seems dainty and delicate just like Prim, soft and innocent. These flowers are generally a pale yellow but can also have shades of white or pink scattered about them. This was the
Buttercup used in the Hunger Games movie. I was very disappointed with their choice of cat for Buttercup's role because it looked nothing like the book description and I feel like he was very important to Prim and her character and they only showed him once. Connection Prim was more important to me than any of the other characters because I connected with her the most. I love animals and would do anything to give them a home and food. I am also the younger sister in my family and I know my older brother would volunteer for me as tribute in the Hunger Games. Also, she loves her cat more than anything and so do I. Other Characters Gale Hawthorn Gale is Katniss's very best friend and her hunting buddy. Both of their fathers were killed in the same coal mining blast, leaving Gale with his mother and younger brothers to feed. Gale gave Katniss a sense of security after she lost her father and when she left for the Games, she knew he would take care of her family. Effie Trinket Effie is the District 12 tribute escort. Looking at her wild clothes and exotic make-up, she is clearly from the Capitol. Effie is also the one who picks and announces the tributes to compete in the Hunger Games. She likes things to always go according to plan and to follow all rules so when she meets Katniss, she gets yanked out of her comfort zone. Haymitch Abernathy Its hard to recognize him without a drink in his hand but this is Haymitch Abernathy, the mentor for the District 12 tributes and the only living winner of the Games from District 12. He won the 50th Hunger Games at the age of 16. His job as the mentor is to get the two tributes sponsors to help them if they are in need during the games. He does a fine job considering that both of his tributes won. Cinna Cinna is Katniss's stylist for the 74th annual Hunger Games. He creates the persona of the "girl on fire" and makes Katniss stand out as threat to all of the other tributes. But he also keeps her as herself, leaving her face as her own and only applying minimal make-up. Katniss grows very close to Cinna. He was with her through everything up to the Games and was there after she won, which gave her a sense of security while away from home. Rue Rue is a small tribute, only 12 years old, from District 11 which is just as poor and run down as District 12. Rue clings to Katniss's side as soon as they meet in the training center. She is an excellent tree climber and scavenger. While Katniss is trapped in a tree by the Careers, Rue spots a tracker jacker hive which later takes the lives away from two of the Careers and saves both of theirs. Katniss takes such a liking to Rue because she reminds her so much of Prim, young and innocent. When Rue gets killed, Katniss breaks down and then fights to avenge Rue and win in her honor. Settings Districts The 12 Districts all have areas that they specialize in. District 1 makes luxury items for the Capitol. District 2 has stone quarries as well as their ability to make trains, weapons, and provide supplies for the Peacekeepers. District 3 majors in electronics. District 4 is fishing and making fishing weapons and tools. District 5, power. District 6, transportation. District 7, lumber. District 8, textiles and a special factory for making Peacekeeper uniforms. District 9, grain. District 10, livestock. District 11, agriculture. Lastly District 12, coal mining. Hunger Games Arena The arena is where the actual Games take place. This year, the arena was all forest, which was a huge advantage for Katniss because she spends everyday in the forest back home. On the right side of the arena, there is a lake that flows into into a small stream that wraps around the whole area. The Cornucopia is directly in the center and holds all different kinds of supplies for the tributes to fight over for. Symbols and Motifs Bread Bread is a symbol for life. When Katniss is on the verge of dying of hunger, she collapses in the mud right outside of Peeta's family bakery. Without saying anything, Peeta throws Katniss a loaf of stale burnt bread that saves her life. Also, when Rue dies and when Katniss is in desperate need of food, District 11 (Rue's district) sends Katniss a gift of fresh bread. 3 Finger Salute When Katniss volunteers for Prim as tribute for District 12, instead of clapping for her, the entire audience takes their three middle fingers, kisses them, and raises them up towards Katniss. This ancient gesture symbolizes admiration, thanks, and goodbye to someone you love. Also, after Katniss covers Rue's dead body with flowers, she turns to the camera and does this salute to District 11 and they do it back to the screen. Theme Rich vs. Poor The main theme to me in this book is the relationship between the rich and the poor. The superior Capitol created the Hunger Games to keep control of the inferior people of the districts. This theme also shows in the different clothing that the people in the districts wear and the clothing that the Capitol people wear.
"Taking the kids from our districts, forcing them to kill one another while we watch - this is the Capitol's way of reminding us how totally we are at their mercy." (Collins 18) Theme Appearance Appearances play a huge role in the Panem society and during the time of the Hunger Games. Capitol people have extravagant clothing and make-up that sets them apart from the people who reside in the districts. On the other hand, Katniss worries about showing her emotions when she's on camera, trying so hard not to cry at the reaping for she will be seen as weak if she does. Cinna also creates outfits for Katniss for television appearances before the Games start that all revolve around "the girl on fire" theme, which make her appear strong and fearless.
"...I say harshly, because this is upsetting me and i don't want to cry. When they televise the replay of the reapings tonight, everyone will make note of my tears and I'll be marked as an easy target. A weakling. I will give no one that satisfaction." Individualism The Hunger Games are a symbol for individualism because there is only one winner of the Games. Each tribute must fight for themselves and take out each and every one of the other tributes. When Katniss shoots an arrow through the apple in the mouth of the pig that the Gamemakers are about to feast on, she makes herself known. This makes her stand out as an individual and she sends the message to the Gamemakers that she is a force to reckoned with. I also think that Katniss's braid is a symbol of individualism. Katniss always keeps her single braid down her back, when she is in the training center and her private session, when she is lit on fire, and when she's back at home hunting with Gale. Flow Chart The book starts off talking about Katniss's daily life and her and Gale and her and her family. The first day of the book is reaping day, the day where they pick the male and female tributes for the annual Hunger Games. Prim gets called and Katniss volunteers to take her place. After being chosen as the District 12 tributes, Peeta and Katniss aboard a train and head to the Capitol where they were fed generously and assigned to their personal stylists. Their stylists, Cinna and Portia, got them all ready for their first appearances at the opening ceremonies. The day after the ceremonies, all tributes are shown to the training center where they are introduced to all different kinds of weapons and skills that they will need to learn to use for the games. This is where you do not want to show off your best skills because all of the other tributes will see. Right after the group training, each tribute has a private session in front of the
Gamemakers to show them their strongest skill. This is where Katniss shot the arrow through the apple. Katniss gets a score of 11/12 and Peeta gets an 8/12. After the scores are released, each tribute is interviewed by Caesar Flickerman. This is where the audience gets to know each tribute and decides who they would like to sponsor. This is also where Peeta confesses his love for Katniss to the audience. Next is the day the Hunger Games begin. Cinna is the last person Katniss sees before she enters the arena. When the horn sounds, everyone rushes to the Cornucopia to get supplies. Almost half of the tributes are killed here. When the Games become uneventful or one of the tributes are getting close to something they need, the Gamemakers can make things happen to get things going again or prevent them from attaining that specific thing. When Katniss is getting close to the edge of the arena, the Makers set a wall of fire blocking her path. The wall spews out fire balls towards Katniss, catching one of her legs and leaving her with a nasty burn. Now that Katniss is wounded, it is easy for the Careers to spot her and trap her in a tree. Peeta is now apart of the Careers which shocks Katniss. Since none of the Careers can climb as high as Katniss, they decide to keep her trapped up there until she dies of thirst or hunger, which shouldn't take too long, or so they think. Katniss also receives a gift of medicine from Haymitch to apply to her burn. As night falls, Katniss spots Rue hiding in the tree next to hers. Rue points out something hanging above Katniss, a tracker jacker hive. When morning arrives and while the Careers are still asleep, Katniss saws off the branch that the hive is attatched to, sending it to the ground and splitting open, right on top of the sleeping Careers. Katniss and Rue both escape. Katniss suffered a few stings but were later treated by Rue. Rue and Katniss team up, forming a very strong bond. Rue tells Katniss that the Careers have all of the supplies from the Cornucopia piled up high and surrounded by the mines that were used to keep the tributes on their starting platforms. Since the Careers have no idea how to hunt for food on their own, Rue and Katniss come up with a plan to blow up the supply pile. Katniss blows up the pile, suffers a blast to the ear, destroying her left eardrum. After the blast, Katniss hurries to the meeting spot where her and Rue were supposed to meet after. Rue wasn't there. Katniss then hears Rue screaming her name. When she reaches Rue, she is trapped in a net. As Katniss is cutting the net loose, a spear goes straight through Rue's stomach, killing her. Katniss kills the boy who did this instantly. She then buries Rue in flowers and salutes District 11. When Katniss is about to go to sleep for the night, the Makers make an announcement that two tributes from the same district can win the Games. Katniss immediately sits up and screams Peeta's name. She then sets out to find Peeta, knowing that he is wounded because he separated from the Careers. She finds him covered in mud and leaves, incredibly camouflaged. He has a huge gash on his leg from one of the Career tributes. She cleans him up and uses the cream she got to treat her burns with to treat Peeta's wound. Katniss and Peeta find a cave to take shelter in while Peeta recovers. This is where the love between Katniss and Peeta is shown to the audience. While in the cave, an announcement comes on saying that every one of the tributes left needs something. That something will be in a backpack at the Cornucopia at dawn. Peeta will not let Katniss go in fear that she will get killed but she gives him a sleeping syrup that she gets from a sponsor and heads towards the Cornucopia. At the Cornucopia, there are only 4 packs. Foxface comes out of the Cornucopia, snatching hers first. Katniss runs out next grabbing hers but one of the careers, Clove, comes and attacks Katniss and almost kills her. Clove gets ripped off of Katniss and killed by Thresh, the boy from Rue's district. He lets Katniss go because she tried to save Rue. Katniss heads back to the cave and gives Peeta the medicine. This is when Peeta and Katniss kiss for the first time. A cannon sounds announcing the death of Thresh. When Peeta and Katniss are both rested and healthy, they head out to hunt and pick berries. They hear a cannon sound and see Foxface's body being carried away. The berries that Peeta had picked were poisonous and Foxface stole some and ate some. After this, they both head to the lake by the Cornucopia because all of the streams have dried up. When they reach the Cornucopia, Cato, the only Career left, comes bolting out of the woods, being chased out by muttations. The muttations trap all three of them on top of the Cornucopia. Cato and Peeta start fighting and Cato has Peeta in a headlock when Katniss sends an arrow through Cato's hand. Peeta pushes Cato off of the Cornucopia, feeding him to the mutts. When Cato is dead, Peeta and Katniss are waiting for the announcement that they won but instead, they announcement says that only one tribute can win now. Neither of them want to kill the other, so they both agree to eat the poisonous berries right in front of the camera. They are about to eat them when the Makers announce that they are both the winners of the 74th Hunger Games. They are both then carried away in a hovercraft, cleaned up, and taken back to the Capitol. The Capitol is not happy that Katniss Everdeen outsmarted the Capitol.
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