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History of Apple Presentation

School Assessment

alex lad

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of History of Apple Presentation

What is Apple?
Apple Inc. is a corporation that creates electronics, computer software, personal computers and servers.
Apple also releases digital media content. Apple are also responsible for the "iDevices" which include the iPhone, iPod, iPad and iMac.
Early Years
Apple invented many devices and utilities used in modern day life such as:
The IPad; Invented on the 3rd of April 2010
The IPod; Invented on the 10th of November 2001
The IPhone; Invented on the 29th of June 2007
The App Store; Invented on the 10th of July 2008
Inventions By Apple
Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were to two co-founders of Apple. Steve Jobs is primarily famous for founding Apple computers and being the leading proprietor for Apple. He has also implemented many revolutionary new ways of computing. Steve Wozniak is also well known for the founding of apple but also for micro computing with displays.
In 1985 Steve Jobs left Apple to found a new company named NeXT, which was a computer platform development company. Later in 1996 Apple bought NeXT for $427 Million dollars. This reintroducing Jobs to the company in 1997 Jobs was formally named interim chief executive in September.
The Apple Team
Thank you for watching my Prezi. :) best of luck marking.
Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on the First of April 1996. With the release of the Apple I. The company became incorporated on the third of January 1997.
The End
Extra Details
Apple products and their candy colours. the iMac computer was the coloured candy computer which came in five different colours these were: blue, purple, orange, red and green. this was introduced in 1998. These made the iMac extremely popular.

There are different theories to why the letter i is placed in the names of some Apple devices, some say they ad personalization to the device and others speculate that it shows that the i represents the word internet. Either way it is easy to identify an apple product by the letter i at the start of its name.

The word App is short for the word application, applications can/do change our lives because they are capable of almost anything. Applications can help access files from other computers, access the internet, by tickets, they are an extremely useful utility in our lives.

An apple fanboy is someone who is very loyal to the Apple brand and buy nothing but Apple products, because they personally believe Apple is nothing but the best.
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