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Copy of Symbolism

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Malaika Okundi

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Symbolism

The Symbolism and deeper meaning of Passion by Kathleen Raine

By Malaika and Tanvi
Year 10 Literature.

Symbolism of 'Passion'
Deeper Meaning
Kathleen Raine was a firm follower of the philosopher Plato, who is famous for many works including The Republic and very attracted to the famous poets William Blake and William Butler Yeats.
Her Philosophy
She believed in cycle of life, that is before one is born, they have lived in a spiritual world, then they spend a time on earth, and finally leave the earth and join the eternal, hereafter world, that is, they join the place to which previously they belonged before birth. She believed that is not a separate entity from us but is the same
Raine was also christian and was, from an early age, familiar with the Holy Bible which was rea and recited both at hom and at school. It is agreed by critics that her poems are centered round holy images of Biblical themes.
In the poem passion the poet, uses phrases such as "
what my soul lacked"
and "
the longed-for voice"
, to express a deep feeling of longing. She reinforces this meaning by using imagery such as '
each cloud a ship without me sailing
' also to show us that she was not at ease. She writes with a melancholic touch throughout the poem adding to this effect.
Kathleen Raine's poem is deeply spiritual, she shows us this by using words such as "
, "
", and "
". These words are most commonly affiliated with spirituality. This concept is also displayed by her use of anthropomorphism, such as 'the sky spoke to me'. It gives an ethereal sense to the poem.
The cycle of life and death
In the poem the poet refers to herself and her surroundings using varying stages of mortality. In the second to last stanza she writes that she all visible substances turn into immortal. As well as referring to herself as being born with the clouds,winds, stars and ever-moving seas.
The cycle of life and death
Yet she refers to the language she knows best as her 'human speech'; though humans are mortal, in the second stanza, Kathleen Raine indicates that she is in fact mortal as her body grew weak with the 'well-known and mortal death' known as heartbreak. This as well as the line,'Homer's ghosts ,the savage conches of the beach.' allows us to surmise that she believes that life and death do, in-fact touch. The poet expresses that she feels unlike humans, by writing, "
this world you with the flower and the tiger share
". The writer feels immortal yet mortal; a paradox.
The poem shows the sorrow and anguish the poet felt at being forsaken by her loved one. She writes "
the sky wounding me
" to show that unlike her, the sky was full of '
loved ones
' (the clouds).She says "
each tree possessing what my soul lacked, tranquility
" to show that she was anxious and not calm. The person she loved was not communicating to her this is shown in stanza two where she writes, "
through the mute telephone.
" She writes that her body grows weak with mortal-death to illustrate how much pain she is in.
Attachment to nature
At several point in the poem, she talks of the peace she finds when she realizes that she is one with nature, such as in stanza five, "
And forest dwellers. This your nature is
" shows us like the hermits in the forest, she is one with nature. She talks of the peace she finds when she realizes that she is one with nature. She believes that nature should not be viewed as a separate entity and nature will never forsake those who love her. She shows this by writing, "
this world you with the flower and the tiger share.
She had lost a inspiration to write and the ability to speak had left her, as she writes, "
the language I knew best-forsook my fingers"
. She uses metaphors and allegory to show a voice that tells her to move on, that she has all she desires and does not need her unrequited lover.
After that she saw the world in a brighter way and imagined them to be "
" to show they will never change and "
burned with the holy fire of passion
" shows that the new things in life were full of love .
Thank you for listening!
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