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Independently Learn about Pinellas Preparatory Academy.

Desi McKeown

on 19 January 2011

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Transcript of Sustainability

www.pinellasprep.org Art Spanish Gifted Health Physical
Education In addition to our core academic classes, we also have many special classes the students participate in during the week. We have an exceptional arts program in addition strong foreign language program, on site gifted enrichment classes as
well as physical education and health. Music Sustainable School attainment
pupil numbers
Our Intent Sustainable
Staff Specials Extracurricular Open House Details Enrollment Process Miscellaneous Online
Tools Scheduling To be the centre of a
sustainable community Cooperative Configuration • School and class size (42)
• School safety (14)
• General environment and atmosphere (13)
• Discipline (10)
• Clubs (4)
• Sense of community (1)
• Grade level (4th-8th) (1)
• School hours (1) Parent Survey - Strengths Programs Staff Academics Services Miscellaeous • Staff (58)
• Administration (20) • Individualized attention (10)
• Learning style/methods (9)
• Art and music programs (9)
• PE and athletics (5)
• Foreign language (4)
• Gifted Program (3)
• Field trips (3)
• Saxon Math (2)
• Honors program (1)
• Character Education (1) • Communication (30)
• Grade Book Wizard (9)
• Before and After Care (2)
• New lunch program (1)
• Fund raisers (1) • Volunteering and parent involvement (6)
• Clean building (1)
• Effective use of resources (1) Our Faculty Pinellas Preparatory Academy has an exceptional faculty that is dedicated to ensuring a quality education for our students. Each member of our faculty is certified by the state of Florida and has undergone the training and experience necessary to teach in our unique environment. Office / Support Staff Elementary Teachers Middle School Teachers Specialists Curtis Fuller Dennis Barbeau Donna Hauser Arly Dalley Susan Asciutto Karen Jenkins Bobbi Bartholow Jacquelien Mulcahey Kara Johnton Steve Tye Justin Romaine Principal - Mr. Fuller's Master's Degree in Educational Leadership is from Cardinal Stritch University. His Bachelor's Degree is from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. He has been with Pinellas Prep since 2005. Dean of Students - Mr. Barbeau has a Master of Divinity degree from St. Meinrad School of Theology, IN., and a Master of Arts degree in guidance and counseling from the University of South Florida. He has been with PPA since 2007. Office Manager
Mrs. Hauser has been with PPA since 2006. Data Management Technician
Mrs. Dalley has been with PPA since 2007. Educational Assistant
Mrs. Asciutto has been with PPA since 2007. Educational Assistant
Mrs. Jenkins has been with PPA since 2008. Before/After Care Director
Mrs. Bartholow has been with PPA since 2005. Before/After Care Assistant
Mrs. Mulcahey has been with PPA since 2008. Before/After Care Assistant
Ms. Johnston has been with PPA since 2008. Maintenance Director
Mr. Tye has been with PPA since 2006. Maintenance Assistant
Mr. Romaine has been with PPA since 2007. Darlene Cumberworth 4th Grade Language Arts / Social Studies
Ms. Cumberworth holds a Bachelors degree from Mt St Mary College in Hispanic Studies. She has been with PPA since 2004. 4/5th Grade Language Arts / Social Studies
Mrs. Grenet has been with PPA since 2008. Melanie Grenet 5th Grade Language Arts / Social Studies
Mrs. Walker has been with PPA since 2006. Nancy Walker 4th Grade Math / Science
Mrs. Huneke has been with PPA since 2007. Nicole Huneke Brenda Welt 4/5th Grade Math / Science
Mrs. Welt has been with PPA since 2005. Janet Marsden 5th Grade Math / Science
Mrs. Marsden has been with PPA since 2007. Kathleen McGrath 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Mrs. McGrath has been with PPA since 2005. Kelly Smith 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Smith is a graduate of Meredith College in Raleigh, NC with a BS in Child Development. She has been with PPA since 2004. Kenny Clapper 6th Grade Math Teacher
Mr. Clapper has been with PPA since 2006. 6th Grade Science Teacher
Mrs. Pizzo graduated from the University of Alabama with PA in Public Relations. She has been with PPA since 2004. Alicia Pizzo Beth Crosa 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Mrs. Crosa has been with PPA since 2008. 7th Grade Social Studies
Mrs. Mourer has both a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a Master's Degree in Social Science Education. She has been with PPA since 2004. Cheryl Mourer Barb Mulkey 7th Grade Math Teacher
Mrs. Marsden has been with PPA since 2008. 7th Grade Science Teacher
Mr. Gowan-Smith has been with PPA since 2008. Allan Gowan-Smith Cynthia Barber 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Mrs. Barber received her degree in Secondary English Education from North Carolina. She has been with PPA since 2004. 8th Grade Science Teacher
Mrs. Mizzi received her Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Social Studies from Hunter University in New York. She has been with PPA since 2006. Suzanne Mizzi 8th Grade Math Teacher
Mr. Frey has been with PPA since 2007. Kristi Frey Kim Quagliotti ESE & Special Services Teacher
Mrs. Quagliotti is a graduate of the University of South Florida. She has been with PPA since 2003. Gifted & ESE Teacher
Mrs. Benway earned her BA at Western Connecticut State University and her ESE certificate from USF. She has been with PPA since 2002. Susan Benway Greg Wickstrom Music Teacher
Mr. Wickstrom is a graduate from the University of South Florida. Mr. Wickstrom has been with PPA since it's inception in 2002. Art Teacher
Mrs. Wickstrom holds a Master's Degree. She has been with PPA since it's inception in 2002. Aimee Wickstrom Tony Schell Physical Education & Health Teacher
Mr. Schell has been with PPA since 2008. Physical Education & Health Teacher
Mrs. Romaine holds a BA from the College of Notre Dame. She has been with PPA since 2005. Betty Lou Romaine Lauara Pucci Spanish & Culture Teacher
Mrs. Pucci has been with PPA since 2008. Spanish & Culture Teacher
Mrs. Tye, a native of Mexico, has been with PPA since 2007. Elvira Tye Learn more about our individual staff members by clicking on the category of pictures below.
When you're finished reading, press the "Space" bar to zoom back out.
When you're ready to move on click the next arrow! Creative Language Arts The most important part of our school are our core academic programs. We offer our students a strong set of core academics in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Elementary students have 90-120 minute blocks for Language Arts and Math.

Middle School Students have equal amounts of time allocated to each of the four core academic areas. Social Studies Reading and writing is an
essential part of our academic
program. Our elementary students receive about 120 minutes per day of Language Arts instruction. Our middle school students receive approximately 6 periods per week. 4th, 5th & 6th graders use the Treasurers language series by MacMillian/McGraw-Hill. Our 7th & 8th graders do not rely on a textbook, focusing instead on novels and
building their activities
around their reading. We believe it is important to teach our students to be responsible citizens who have a good understanding of history and government. We utilize History Alive as a textbook for our Social Studies program. History Alive allows students to become actively involved in their learning through demonstrations, role playing and debriefing activities. Science Science provides our students
with many opportunities for hands
on learning. We are able to do many demonstrations and experiments with
our students so they can learn the content. Elementary students utilize the
science books by Scott Foresman.
Middle school students use the Pearson/Prentice Hall series. 4th - General Science
5th - General Science
6th - Earth Science
7th - Life Science
8th - Physical Science Academics Math Math is an extremely important
component of the academic program. Elementary students receive about 100 minutes a day of math, and middle school students have math six periods per week. Most of our students use the Saxon math program. Saxon provides a regimented system that regularly loops back so topics are regularly reinforced throughout the year. The 8th grade honors students utilize Glencoe's Algebra course. Math is the biggest determining factor for which students will be in the honors program. Students in honors are advanced 1 year in mathematics. Benefits of PPA Multiple Intelligences Linguistic intelligence ("word smart"):
Logical-mathematical intelligence ("number/reasoning smart")
Spatial intelligence ("picture smart")
Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence ("body smart")
Musical intelligence ("music smart")
Interpersonal intelligence ("people smart")
Intrapersonal intelligence ("self smart") Students are not passive in the classroom. They are actively engaged in their learning. "Kagan" training helps teachers know how to teach students to work together. Classroom discussions are encouraged throughout the day. When students work together they are given structures so that not just one student does all the work, but that all students can be actively engaged in the activity. Working with students in 4th – 8th grades
is an intentional design feature.

Fourth grade is when many students start to lose interest in their education. We believe that by giving them a more engaging and creative education we will keep them engaged.

Additionally, when students begin in fourth grade it provides an easier transition for students going into middle school, when the students themselves are going through transitions. 1 - 2 times per week Instruments: Students learn to read and write music. they learn about music history and theory. Guitars
Bring your own Students have art 1-2 times each week. Many of our students have won awards in various art competitions. Students do learn the basic standards of art and beyond. They draw, paint, do 3-D sculpting and make jewelry,
videos, and more. Spanish is available at all grade levels. Elementary students have Spanish twice a week. Most middle schoolers have Spaish class three times per week. Honors students in 7th and 8th grades have Spanish everyday, and at the end of 8th grade,
if they pass a placement test, they will
leave PPA with a high school credit. Students must qualify for gifted through the elgibility guidelines presented by Pinellas County Schools Pinellas Prep is a public school, and therefore required to meet the needs of ESE students outlined in their IEP. While we strive to meet the needs of all students, we like to let parents know that our program is academically rigourous, and we encourage you to schedule a 1:1 appointment to discuss your child's needs prior to submitting your application. Elementary Students have PE everyday. 6th Graders have PE three times per week. 7th & 8th Graders have PE two times per week for the entire year. Students do skill building in various athletic activities in an attempt to help students live healthy lifestyles. Units include basketball, volleyball, soccer, fitness, and various active games. 6th and 8th Graders have Health class once per week.

Students learn about healthy lifestyles, nutrition, effects of drugs and alcohol, and human sexuality. Computer Instruction Gradebook Wizard Other Online Tools Pinellas Prep does not have a "computer lab," instead we have three sets of Laptop Carts that teachers can bring into their classrooms. Students are taught computer skills which are integrated into their other academic areas. While there is an allotted "computer time" for most students, typically computer skills are taught through lessons in the classrooms. We use a system called "Gradebook Wizard." This online system allows teachers to post upcoming assignments and grades on each individual assignment and test. Parents are given a login and password to go into the system to check on their students progress. Teachers are expected to update the system at least once a week. In addition to Gradebook Wizard, we utilize other online tools to help parents stay informed about what goes on at our school; we are working on providing more of these services. We utilize our website to distribute information to parents, online calendars and are starting to move in the direction of online instructional tools.

Several of our textbooks are also available online: Math, Spanish and Science. Our Language Arts series is also available on a CD for parents to check out. Soccer Volleyball Cheerleading Baseball/
Softball Track Clubs Field Trips Special Events Homework Club Scrabble Club Warrior Book Club Anime Club Math Tutoring Yearbook Guitar Club Video Yearbook Ballroom Dancing Drama Club Caring, Listening & Helping Club Math Competitions Model United Nations Jazz Band Yoga/Fitness Club Calligraphy & News Club Student Council Travel Club Scrapbook Club Brass Band Each teacher hosts at least one club per week, most are after school. The clubs allow students to participate in various interest activities. We empower students by having them assist with designing, coordinating and running student clubs. Click Me To Watch the Video! Spring Fair March 7 is our Second Annual Spring Fair. This fun event would be a great time to meet other PPA families and enjoy a family-friendly event all at the same time. Christmas Around
The World School Dances Science Fair / Invention Convention Throughout the year, PPA sponsors various educational and fun activities. Lowry Park Zoo Finance Park Adventure Island Busch Gardens Pathways Sea Bird Sanctuary Tierre Verde PPA is proud to offer nine competitive sports teams (five different sports). Students try out for the teams, and slots are filled at the start of each season. The teams compete after school with area private schools. (Fees apply). Big Cat Rescue Enterprise Village Students have the opportunity to attend various field trips during their years at PPA ranging from academic to fun end-of-the year trips. Elementary students usually have two teachers, one who teaches math and science, and the other for Language Arts and Social Studies. They have PE every day, music and art once a week and Spanish twice a week. Schedules are designed to leave students with uninterrupted blocks of time for Language Arts and Math each day. Elementary Students Middle School Students Middle School Students are put into homeroom groups
who stay together for most of the day. They have the same group of students in each of their classes. Schedules are based on class groups, not individual students. Our schedule is made up of seven period days. Each student has six periods a week of core academic classes (Language Arts, Math, Science and social studies), and specials. Usually art and music are twice a
week, health for sixth and eighth graders is once a
week, PE is usually twice a week, and Spanish is
usually three times per week. Before After Care School Hours We're not for everyone School starts at 8:00am
Elementary Students dismiss at 2:35pm
Middle School Students dismiss at 2:45pm Starts at 6:30am (Before care: $10/week)
Ends at 6:00pm (After care: $50/week) Pride Principles and Accountability Each month we focus on a different principle of character development with the students. During daily announcements we talk about the principle, and try to incorporate it into our lessons. Here are the 12 Principles we focus on: Behavior Program Pinellas Preparatory Academy strives to provide a creative and positive environment for emotionally mature children. PPA strives to provide a creative and positive environment for emotionally mature children. Our behavior program begins with the premise that all school personnel, staff, students and families, have the right to a daily safe and cooperative environment, and that rules or guidelines are necessary to insure this right is respected and present. COA Referral Consequence of Action
COAs are for relatively minor infractions and are handled by the teachers in their classrooms. They do not go on the student's permanent record, but are emailed to parent and require parent acknowledgement. They are to let parents know what is happening at school. Consequences are teacher assigned (i.e. silent lunch, detention, etc.) Referrals are issued after a student receives three COAs, or for more serious infractions. The image to the left is a matrix which outlines the types of behaviors warrant referrals and the consequences for each. PPA only allows up to 5 referrals
before we consider having the
student reassigned. We are proud of the program we have developed here. However, we realize that we are not a match for all children or all families. We are designed to meet the needs of students who are emotionally mature and are willing to focus on their academic development. Parents must be willing to commit to not only transporting their
students to and from school, but to our behavior
program, and to the idea of school choice. For
those students who match well with our
philosophy, they flourish. Whether or not
PPA is a good match for you and your
family, you as parents
hold that decision. Use the left and right arrow to move around.
Click an object to zoom in and space to zoom out. February 24 - Open House April 3 - Applications Due April 8 - Lottery April 10 - Letters sent home regarding status Our enrollment process is seperate from the county's. Be sure to return our application directly to our school. Application: Lottery: Application form & survey
Signed expectation agreement and enrollment process acknowledgement
Student essay
Math placement test (to be done at school)
Report cards and assessment data
Any education plans your child must have
Tonight counts as a tour - Be sure to sign in. The lottery will be held on April 8. Students are chosen completely at random. The results of the essay or student essay have no impact on lottery, they are only to assist us in placement if your child is accepted. The following students do not need to go through the lottery:
Returning students
Siblings of current students
Students of staff members
Students of Board members
Students not chosen go onto a waiting list. The waiting
list is maintained throughout the school year, and as
openings become available we contact the next
person on the waiting list. 2009-10 Openings/Configuration 4th Grade - 44 students*
5th Grade - 66 students* (Currently: 66 4th graders)
6th Grade - 88 students (Currently: 66 5th graders)
7th Grade - 88 students (Currently: 88 6th graders)
8th Grade - 88 students (Currently: 88 7th graders)

* We have requested a contract change with the PCS to add one additional classroom. If approved we would add either a 4th or 5th grade class, depending on the number of applications received. Parents were given a blank box and asked to write what PPA's biggest strengths are. ESE Pinellas Prep offers small on-site gifted enrichment classes three periods per week. Creative, differentiated instruction is key in giving students the opportunity to integrate with their like-minded peers in order to develop their higher order thinking skills. Sports wellbeing
stress reduction
life style assistance
recognition / reward
teacher voice
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