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Cultural Diffusion

No description

Kristen Bell

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Cultural Diffusion

Cultural Diffusion The Spread of Islam What is Cultural Diffusion? Examples of Cultural Diffusion European merchants travel to Asia and brought back tea to Europe The Musical style of the blues is developed by African Americans in the South New animation techniques are created in Japan Spanish invaders conquer parts of South America and introduce Catholicism to local People Can You think of anything else that has culturally diffused? Cultural diffusion is the process by which an object or idea from one culture spreads to different cultures 1. Pizza from Italy
2. Horses from Spain Tea becomes a very popular drink in Great Britain. Cultural Diffusion sparked by: Most South Americans today are Catholic. Cultural diffusion sparked by: African Americans move north for greater economic mobility Japanese cartoons are shown on American television and on the internet Technology - Trade - Conquest - Foreign Study - Migration ___________________________ TRADE Technology - Trade - Conquest - Foreign Study - Migration ______________________________ CONQUEST Blues become very popular in northern cities such as Chicago, New York, and Detroit. Cultural diffusion sparked by: Technology - Trade - Conquest - Foreign Study - Migration _____________________________ MIGRATION Popularity of Japanese animations soars in the United States. Cultural diffusion sparked by: _____________________ TECHNOLOGY Technology - Trade - Conquest - Foreign Study - Migration Hint:
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