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Respiratory System

No description

Jesse Hatfield

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Respiratory System

The Nasal Cavity
Why do we use our Respiratory System?
We use our Respiratory system so that we can get new oxygen to the blood. we also use i so that we may breathe.
The trachea is like the wind-pipe.
The trachea branches in to the right and left bronchi.
What is the Respiratory
The Respiratory system is the lungs,nasal cavity and the larynx. But there's more to it. Yes, we will take a journey in your body. Now we're off!
The Breathing Process
The Diaphragm
The nasal cavity
is the beginning of the system.
Air enters the respiratory system through the nasal cavity.
The alveoli are the tiny little airsacks that exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide. There are 300 million alveoli in your lungs. It is the part that gets the oxygen to surrounding capillaries.
The trachea branches into the right and left bronchi, which allows the air to enter the two lungs.
Also known as the 'Bronchus'
The Larynx is your voice box that closes when you speak and opens when you are quiet. Now try saying oh and feel your throat vibrate. That was your larynx closed and vibrating to make a sound.
The pharynx is what the air travels through, basically the throat.
It takes air into the trachea
The Lungs
The lungs get new oxygen to your body by the breathing process.
The diaphragm is essential for breathing because it is the muscle that pushes up your lungs so you can breathe.
The epiglottis is a trapdoor at the entrance of the larynx. Its uses are to help speak and to cover the trachea. Also if you have acid reflex your epiglottis does not close properly.
Red Blood Cells
The red blood cells are the blood cells that carry oxygen. They go from the heart to the lungs to gather oxygen.
Blood Vessels
The blood vessels are the part that take the blood back to the heart for it to be pumped back to other parts of the body.
Mucus and Nose Hairs
The mucus and nose hairs help block out germs and foreign objects so you don't get sick
Respiratory System
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