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Air Force's Vision and Det 875's Vision

To start, click autoplay (bottom right of Prezi) and then click 4 secs. Now, you can't read everything, and really not supposed to. This is for you to look for key words and the ending is the most important. Note, you must have sound to enjoy.

John Montgomery

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of Air Force's Vision and Det 875's Vision

The United States Air Force and AFROTC's Det 875 Vision 2013
Step 2
Step 4
So what do I ask of you this year?
Year one was "Glory Starts Here"
--The Wonder of the Air Force
Year two was "Engage"
--Get involved, take chances
Year three's vision, my last year, is
AFROTC DET 875 "Best Alive" 2013-2014 vision
Col John Montgomery
In January 2013, the document you just saw was released as the Air Force’s vision: “The World’s Greatest Air Force — Powered by Airmen, Fueled by Innovation.” I’ve added my vision for this year RISE and DELIVER. It captures what I expect from my cadre and cadets. RISE stands both for leaning forward to meet mission challenges and incorporates our core values of Integrity, Service and Excellence. DELIVER is not about “trying”. It is about DELIVERING excellence. Under this group of cadre, you are well aware of our expectations and this year, mine, Col Davis’, Major Monday’s and Sergeant Stokes’ last--I challenge you to DELIVER something better. The 21st century is a time of unusual volatility. This means our Nation requires lethal AIRPOWER AND it requires disciplined, innovative warriors with strong character, and a commitment to our core values. Every Airman—in every flight, in every squadron and, in every wing in the Air Force—plays a critical role…..now RISE and DELIVER!
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