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jackson and jake

No description

lib hist

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of jackson and jake

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Although both American heroes have shown similarities they have also presented differences such as Ranks, Williams had achieved the title of Major while Byers had earned the rank as a chief. In addition they had served with great honor in different wars. For one Byers had taken part in afghanistan in difference Williams was involved in Vietnam, Not only that but they had both served in different branches to aid the US in combat. Williams had been placed as a pilot in the army, though Byers had been placed in the navy. Also Byers had enlisted in Toledo, Ohio and William had enlisted in Casper, Wyoming. Even more Byers was born in Broadway Heights, and William was born in Kansas city.
Medal of Honor
I believe that Adam E. Williams deserves the award presented to him, because Williams had stood above all else when volunteering to pilot a helicopter equipped with minimum light armor granting little safety for his life. which he had chosen to endanger to save the lives of three wounded comrades.
Medal Of Honor
I believe that Edward C. Byers deserves the Medal of Honor awarded to him due to his selflessness and pure bravery that had presented itself in the face of danger. When the safety of Byers' squad had been compromised, Byers chose to take action by tackling two enemy guards. without regard to his own life.
similarities between Byers and Williams
Both of these unbelievably brave soldiers had volunteered to go on tasks that did not present them selves to be easy. Furthermore Williams had chosen to pilot a helicopter that was soon to be heading into enemy territory and the helicopter was also only equipped with light armor. In similarity Byers had volunteered to go on a rescue mission with little aid for his squad. Along with volunteering for unforeseen dangers, they had opted to save civilians and comrades above all else during their missions. Although their missions had not gone according to plan, armed with their superior knowledge and training, these two heroes were able to react to imminent peril and conquer the opposing obstacles that lay in their way.
jackson and jake
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