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Copy of 인적자원

No description

Myungbum Kim

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of 인적자원

Grooming the Next Boss for Quest Casestudy1 Quest Diagnostics Solution Spun off from Corning Clinical Labratories Searching for a successor CEO of Quest Diagnostics
no intention of occupying for more than 10 years
So he started groom handpicked successor
five years before he left Similllar to Steve Jobs
Briliant presentator
didn’t have enough time In Succession Successor
Came to Quest in 1999 as COO
Maker of medical imaging systems
Had extensive experiences Similllar to Tim Cook
people say
he coudnl't replace
steve jobs Protagonist Antagonist Main Problem How to groom
the next boss? Continuous relationship with leader Mohapatra stood out Every sunday afternoon for 5 years
Freeman and Mohapatra
telephone conversations
Freeman analyzed
Mohapatra's evolving management style
and suggested further improvements Feedback Collecting information about successor
Poor public speaking skills
Take a long time to make decisions
Too passive Provide feedback
-> Question #1 Not Prepared
Successor Freeman
Quest Diagnostics Q&A 1. What development activities did Kenneth Freeman use to prepare
Surya Mohapatra for the position of CEO?
What other development activities could he have used? Mohapatra's
Weakness 1. Speaking Training - discuss with other CEOs w/o script
- meeting w/ stockholders
- continuous questions during meeting 2. Decision-making
training - empowerment
- constant feedback 3. Making
active character - decide on impulse
- arrange more official meeting Other Development Activities - Role-playing
- In-basket training 2. Would an outside coach have provided
coaching as effective as
the coaching Mohapatra received from Freeman? outside coach pros. advanced and technical education
commitment of training
cons. abstract concept
can't apply on a field directly however - implicit knowledge
- org. culture
- aptitude 3. Imagine you are an HR manager at Quest and the new CEO has asked you to set up systems that apply some of the development activities that prepared him for leadership.
Mohapatra wants to prepare all of Quest’s management team in similar ways. Suggest a few ways the company could develop its other managers along the lines Freeman used with Mohapatra. Career Development Planning CDP = Career Plan + Career Management what is CDP? Advantage of CDP - Organization / Employee Set the individual's Goal SMART C
Challenge thank you!
and next.. Freeman some deficiencies came out After Test, Succession Planning Trial by Fire : "Apprentice-like Challenge" Mohapatra
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