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Zainah Al-Yemni

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of PERSONAL SWOT ANALYSIS - Zainah Al-Yemni

Zainah Al-Yemni

General Overview
Good communication skills - Responsible for communicating all updates to countries and Area Managers, also responding to all requests and inquiries.
Flexibility & Adaptability - Traveling to different cities, studying with people from different cultures and nationalities.
Language Skills - Arabic is my mother tongue, Fluency in English and a very good understanding of french.
Works very well within a team - In my team I have to support all product managers and Cycle leads and I never had a problem do get the job done.
Impatient - dealing with countries at work and having to report to the Global business unit before giving an answer to managers makes me nervous as waiting is not one of my greatest suits
Hasty behaviors - Having difficulty in working with a person who works slowly
Micro-Analyzing - paying too much attention to details could delay my outcome, which happened to me when i was creating my tool
Integrate in a new Country (Only visited England never lived there)
Working in a sector that I have personal interests
Good career path & Motivator income and incentives
With TUI Travel Plc's current growth and expansion this is a great time for me to join
Other Candidates might have more experience in the travel industry
No Specific Training for this position
Living in Europe I have found that being non-european can usually decrease my chances of getting hired
Economic crisis, problems in job market


Zainah Al-Yemni

Zainah Al-Yemni
Date of Birth: 16.06.1986 - 27 years old
Living in France
Masters in International Business
Bachelors in Business Administration - Marketing
Creative & Innovative - Created a competitive tool for my team in HP, it was personal effort
Analytical Thinking & Problem-solving skills - Supporting the team, working on market analysis and competitive analysis with solutions to potential problems
Global Mindset & International Experience - did several summer courses out of Saudi Arabia, My Master in International Business based in France. Working for HP in the EMEA team dealing with several countries at once.
Curiosity & Desire for continuous learning and development - Continuous will to learn, always look for courses that can benefit me and expand my knowledge.
Work well under pressure & Multitasking efficiently - in my current position, the market and the business atmosphere is rapidly changing, I usually get requests for analysis to be finished within 2 hours, I have successfully managed to always be on time. Also working with notebooks and desktops sometime creates a very stressful environment as I have the same deadlines for both but I manage to finish in a timely manner.
Fast Learner - I was not very familiar with my position in HP and specially the market analysis and competitive analysis, within two weeks I was able to get the grip of it
Only one Internship experience - Although I am sure that this internship in HP was very enriching I consider not having done more a weakness
Picky on organizing and ordering - my second week in HP I was asked to present a competitive landscape to all the countries, I spent several hours revising what I spent three days thoroughly preparing
Cannot say no - If anyone asked for my help I rarely say no, whether it is an Area manager or a team member which tends to stress me out and pile up the work.
The TUI Leadership Program can be exactly what I need to expand on my skills and Knowledge
New Challenges, new career direction
New environment
Learn about a different industry
Interact with different cultures
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