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warehouse company research

No description

Anqi Mao

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of warehouse company research

Main Competitors
Alton Romine
Anqi Mao
Kimberly Caldwell
Tanisha Williams
Victor Hernandez

MGMT 554 Group Project
Gain Market Place Intelligence
How do we compare?
Gain Competitive Intelligence
Bureau of Labor Statistics
- Department of Labor
California Labor Market – EDD
Corporate Websites
Average Hourly Wages
I.E Warehouse
Unemployment Rate

Sam's Club
Must work at least 20 hours a week
After 180 days employed
Smart and Final
After 364 days employed
& work at least 30 hours a week
Health Benefits Offered to
Full time Employees
Health Benefits Offered to
Part time Employees
What type of relationship do you have with the union representatives?

Earn one free personal holiday for not calling in sick or missing any work for every 6 months
4 X 10 Work Weeks
Give employee incentives
How many warehouse/distribution centers do you have in the Inland Empire?
What is your BATNA?
What type of negotiation tactics were utilized in prior CBA negotiations? (By both sides)
Why do you feel the past Chief Negotiator “gave away” too much?
What is their BATNA?
(Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement?)
What are your expectations, or what do you hope to achieve with the new CBA?
What are the expectations of the other side, and what do they hope to achieve with new CBA?
Why do you feel the past Chief Negotiator was ill prepared?
What are the current issues between union and employees, are employees satisfied with past union contract agreement?
Who are the decision makers on the other side?
Reduce starting rate to Marketplace level of $13.75*, and cap out for $17.75 *
Maintain $2.85 per hour/per employee into the Union Pension Fund
Split the cost by offering different type of plans.
Re-formulate MOB
Health & Welfare Program
Extend the probation period to receive full time benefits to 180 days or 6 months to full time or 40+ hours per week ONLY, not part time benefits offered.
Offer employees a retirement 401K account and match 5% of employee earnings on a monthly basis.
Re-formulate the wage structure for new employees
Wage increases may occur every 3 months, based on performance review (as new employee progresses through probationary period)
Increase probationary period to one year
Maintain wage structure of $18.50 hour for tenured employees
Maintain Benefits
Succession planning for employee establish cross training programs to enhance an employee skills and knowledge
Give employees the flexibility to adjust their schedules as need to work around school, childcare or personal matters
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