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The disaster that rocked 2010

Christopher Sparling

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of BP OIL SPILL

BP OIL SPILL the disaster that ruined 2010 Economic Social Environmental How many boats were/are in service cleaning up the oil spill?
There were/are 79 seafaring vessels involved in the cleanup of the oil spill. Many were recruited ships from fisherman and locals in the Gulf.
This could also be placed under economic because these boats are no longer being used for recreational or commercial use. Were there any sicknesses in the workers related to their proximity to the spill?
Yes, clean up crews have been getting sick from being near the oil spill so for such long periods of time. The chemicals and vapours from both the oil and dispersants, pose serious health risks. They can irritate the nose, throat, and lungs, cause nausea and headhaches, dehydration, dizziness, chest pains, vomiting and will encourage and aggravate asthma. Approximately 90 members have been reported ill on the scene.
This could also be placed under environmental because, due to the massive oil leak and the chemicals used to contain it, these workers have become sick. How does prolonged exposure to the chemicals from the oil and dispersents affect the body?
When the chemicals become engaged in the bloodstream, oil compunds like benzene or toluene can cause headaches and dizziness. They could have long term toxic effects on the brain, liver, and kidneys after prolonged direct contact.
This also applies under the environmental section because these chemicals are no doubt affecting animals in nearby areas aswell. What kinds of wildlife were killed by the oil spill?
As of Friday, June 11th, 2010, 658 birds, 279 turtles , and 36 mammals have perished.
What legal and financial issues have occured since the initial explosion?
Issues like: violations of the "Oil Pollution Act" of 1990, the "Clean Water Act", and the "Endangered Species Act" of 1973. Their have also been wrongful death lawsuits filed as well as many investors and pension funds, all towards BP.
This could also apply to the social section due to the need for lawyers and lawsuits the explosion caused. How much oil was released from the leak every day?
Somewhere between 35000 and 60000 barrels of oil were lost into the water each day of the leak.
This also applies to the economic section due to the loss of oil into the gulph, resulting in even more financial loss to BP. What effects did the massive oil spill have on nearby industries?
Soon after the spill occured, states like Lousiana, Alabama, and Florida began to worry about the effect the leak would have on it's industries, especially tourism. Other regions also affected by the spill will no doubt feel the same effects.
This question may also go under the social category because of the decreased number of jobs. How long did it take for the oil "gusher" to be capped?
The initial explosion occured on April 20th, 2010, which began the leak. The leak was finally capped on July 15th, 2010.
This could aslo go under the economic section, for every day that the oil was leaking, more and more pollution was resulting, meaning more money lost from BP. What effects did the oil spill have on food industries?
With a dramatic drop in fish, shrimp, and other types of seafood from the gulph, Americans and other international markets will be hurt and prices will no doubt increase.
This applies to the social section as well due to decreased availablty of healthy seafood from the gulph, shattering nearby fish markets. How is the oil spill affecting the sealife?
If the oil has been ingested it could poison the animal outright, make them extremely sick or create a level of toxins in their system, which will slowly spread to other essential organs.
This also can go under the social heading, because with the commercial fish being posioned, less are readily available to the population, increasing fish prices in the already unstable gulph industry, Does the oil slick affect animal reproduction rates?
They fear that oil remains could harm animal reproduction rates in fish, such as bluefin fish. Animals affected by the spill may also bare children with deformities, harming the species further.
This could aslo be placed under the economic section because it means that more money is going to be put into ensuring the survival of these fish in the gulf ecosystem. What types of mechanical failures occured to cause the explosion?
Methane gas from the well under high pressure shot all the way up and out of the drill column, expanded onto the platform and then ignited and exploded. How much estimated money will it cost to clean up the environment and the destroyed rig?
An estimated 37 000 000 000 dollars. B.P will not be able to cover this resulting in a 10% rise in gearing.
This also applies to the environment section because the money needed to clean up the mess applies to the destroyed rig and all the pllution it has caused. How can citizens help?
Citizens can report injured wildlife and oiled beaches, volunteer to help, donates, buy seafood, stop using oil, and write to elected leaders.
This also could go under the environmental heading because the citizens who do attempt to clean up will be reducing pollution, no matter how small the amount. What were the serivce workers aboard the rig doing when the explosion took place?
The workers were celebrating at the exact time that the DeepWater explosion occured.
This also applies to economics because they WEREN'T DOING THEIR JOB! Could the oil spill cause problems when weather situations like tropical storms occur?
Yes, if a hurricane occured, the crude oil in the water could affect the storm, making it more powerful. Accumulation on the surface of the water from oil could be increasing surface temperature, causing a shift in balance of air pressure. Did the explosion affect any people and their jobs?
Yes, the oil spill has affected jobs such as: recreational and commercial fisherman, shrimpers in the gulph and up stream, oyster harvesters, and many other water based proffessions. Many of these people have become sick from the oil and bacteria used for cleanup. This has decreased the outdoor activity of nearby residents, creating even more problems.
This would apply under the economics section because many of these people have lost their jobs due to the pollution from the leak. How many days did it take to finally plug the oil spout/ how many gallons of oil leaked in this period of time?
It took 284 days to stop the leak and 82 665 546 gallons to 174 383 776 gallons. How much money would it cost to purchase all of the oil that has been released into the ocean?
It would cost approximately $146 751 000.
This could also be under social due to the implications of having higher prices on oil. This meaning that tensions may arise due to the overpriced gas. What types of methods are being used to divert the oil away from certain ecological areas?
BP is sending out Containment Booms. These containers sink into the water, and either prevent the oil from moving forward, or diverts the oil to another, safer area. Approximately how long does it take to clean a bird soaked in oil?
Information has been released explaining that it takes approximately 1 hour to clean a pelican, and half an hour for a seagull. They use the Dawn detergent (as shown in the commericals), to clean the oil from the feathers and fur.
This could aslo be placed under economic because instead of working their regular jobs, they are eityher being paid to or are volunteering in the cleanup of these poor, poor animals. Thanks, See Ya Later
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