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Applications of Calculus in Real Life

By Srikar Sirikonda, Andrew Kim, Shreya Patel

Shaobin Liu

on 23 April 2018

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Transcript of Applications of Calculus in Real Life

Economists use calculus “to determine the right time to buy or sell goods and services” and “how much the price of an item affects how many people buy it”. In short, calculus is used to “measure change over time in two or more related variables”.
Electrical Engineers use calculus to determine lengths of power cables and poles.

Architects use calculus to calculate the weight and how much material is needed to make their constructions.

Space Engineers use calculus to launch probes, calculate orbits, and determine velocities, range, and other gravitational forces such as the Sun and Moon.
Chemists use Calculus to find out the rate at which chemical reactions occur.

Biologists use Calculus to understand the nature of a disease, the correlation between populations of animals, and the rate at which neurons travel.

Physicists use Calculus to calculate the velocity and trajectory of an object, predict the position of planets, and understand electromagnetism.
One question we all ask is...
How is calculus used everyday in real life?
Applications of Calculus in Real Life
By Andy Shaobin Liu
Here are some examples of calculus in today's fields of work.
- Helps business managers maximize their profits
- Measures the rate of increase in profits
- Calculates the cost of good
- Analyzes the rise and fall in income
- Determines a company’s gains and losses over a period of time
· Significance
- Provides a means for determining the amount of interest paid over a life of a loan
Thanks for Watching! :)
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