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Steal Away Home

By: Lois Ruby

stephanie kelley

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Steal Away Home

Powerpoint By: Sarah Kelley Chapter 1 : Dana finds a dead skeleton in her closet. Chapter 2 : Runaway slaves are brought to the Weaver's house. Chapter 3 No Names Identity Unknown Dana's family doesn't know the identity of the skeleton : : Chapter 4 Wakarusa War :The anti and pro- slavers were fighting at the Wakarusa River Chapter 5 : Dana and Ahn name the skeleton Elvira Lincoln Chapter 6 The Free State Hotel : Pa comes home from Topika Chapter 7 No Nancy Drews : Dana and Ahn snuck into the secret chamber after they thought Dana's parents where asleep. Chapter 8 " You Ain't Seen Notin Yet!" : The Missouri ruffian said "You ain't seen notin yet!" Chapter 9 Wallcot's Castle They are going to tear down Edmund Wallcot's castle Thirty Cannon Balls Chapter 10 :They launched thirty cannon balls at the hotel and it still didn't get destroyed. Chapter 12 Follow the Drinking Gourd : Miz Lizbet told the Weavers about Henery Box Brown The Conducter : Dana found out that Miz Lizbet is the skeleton Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Three First Names : A slave women and man both got on a 1st class train . Chapter 15 Uncle Mose : Uncle Mose is running from the people who are trying to save him. They Never Looked Back : A man came to take Solomon from the Weaver's house and they left while never looking back Elvira Lincoln Tear Down the Wall Chapter 11 The Sack of Lawrence :Dana's house has been burned down twice and rebuilt again Chapter 16 Night of the Living Bones Chapter 17 :Jeep acts like Mrs. Lizbet to try to solve the mystery Chapter 18 Like a Real Son :Rebbeca makes James drink dandelion medicine Chapter 19 Plum Crazy :A wild bull raced through town and Bethany Maxwell's father shot it to put it out of it's misery Chapter 20 Tornado! :Dana was at home by herself hiding in the basement for protection because there was a tornado watch in Kansas Chapter 21 Wild Indigo :Rebecca is better and the docter thinks it is because of the medicine he gave her but Miz.Lizbet and Mrs. Weaver think she is because they gave her wild indigo medicine (medicine made from flowers ) and they think it worked Chapter 22 Hush Puppies Chapter 23 Will's Quest :Will left to go fight with either John Brown or Jim Hone Chapter 24 " Im melting , Im melting !" :While Dana and her cousin were waiting in line for the haunted house , Dana stupidly said, " I hope it is worth standing in line in this boiling sun ."
Then her cousin , Tonie ,
fell to her knees and welted,"Im melting ,Im melting!" Chapter 25 All Alone The View From Lizbet's Cot Chapter 26 Hog Slaughter :Jeremy , Mr.Macon, and James are going to round up some hogs for the hog slaughter :Ma and Rebecca leave to go to Boston because Ma's father is very sick. A Sarah Kelley Production ! :) For Mrs. Rodger's Ace Class Illustrated by The Internet ! Produced by Sarah Kelley ! & : Dereck told his friends about the church deacon named Theron. He said Theron fed the hounds spiced corndoggers and after the hounds went to sleep he called them hushpuppies.
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