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Hacking Workflow

No description

Matthew Jones

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Hacking Workflow

What are web writers... writing?
How should we look at things?
Does Word help, or ultimately hinder?

How I see it:
Writing is in the syntax
Should be all "on the keyboard".
A separation of copy and styling
Philosophical differences

Profile: A Web Writer
A Web Writing Workflow
The Facts:
Markdown is easy to learn.
Way easier than HTML
And is only for content
Nothing else
Do you know the *#()[] symbols?
Congrats you just learned Markdown
But seriously - I will show you

You can..

Move characters left/right
think commas, periods
Move lines and paragraphs up/down
Transpose two words/lines/paragraphs
Convert words to upper/lower/title
Jump/select between brackets
Highlight occurrences of current word
edit all at once
transpose two words
On the web, the stylesheet takes over.
Hit the showers. Thanks for playing.

However, if you need to move from the web to Word, simply copy the rendered HTML into Word and then style away.

Styling the Content
Step 2: Word if you please
Markdown is a "shorthand" language that compiles to HTML. Why is this good?

We want to be here.
However, writing HTML takes time
And tags obscure your content
Markdown solves all that.

Is a text editor - like Word. But Sublime Text is like Word on steroids:

Superior editing functions
Compile HTML from Markdown
Ecosystem of plugins

Create a blank text file
Write and move with agility
Onlookers: "How swift thy sword!"
Compile and move onto styling
Sublime Text 2
Putting this all together
Step 1: Expression
Benefits: Not Worth the Time?
"Technology is the footprint of consciousness"

We're going to look at my footprint, how I separate the apparatus from the essence of technology.
Brought to you by Heidegger
by Matthew Jones
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