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Decreasing Momentum

Momentum can be slowed down having a longer time interval to reduce the force. You also make your surface of impact softer.

Greta Griswold

on 20 November 2009

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Transcript of Decreasing Momentum

Decreasing Momentum -in order to decrease momentum you either need to:
increase the time of impact and hit a softer surface
Nastia Liukin, USA gymnast, celebrates her gold medal. What does decreasing momentum mean? In order to stop an out of control car with a choice between hitting a concrete wall or a haystack human nature says to hit the haystack. Hitting the haystack produces the less amount of impact but still slows the car to a stop because it takes the same impulse to decrease your momentum to 0. When you hit the haystack you extend your time during which your momentum is brought to 0. The longer the time interval the shorter the time till deceleration. http://www.mefeedia.com/news/10976270 Shawn Johnson doing floor
routine. These successful gymnasts on the USA olympic team
use thick mats during their balance beam, vault, uneven
bars, and floor routines. Decreasing their momentum The End!!!
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