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Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

No description

Sarah Cameron

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
Four Themes
Diversity and individuality should always be celebrated.

Four Symbols
Stargirl's ukulele
Four Important Characters
Susan "Stargirl" Caraway
Six quotations
Stargirl is looked at through the eyes of Leo for the first time. These are his thoughts:

She wasn't gorgeous, wasn't ugly. A sprinkle of freckles crossed the bridge of her nose. Mostly, she looked like a hundred other girls in school, except for two things. She wore no makeup, and her eyes were the biggest I had ever seen, like deer's eyes caught in headlights. (Spinelli 5)

Enjoy the little things in life; nothing in this world should be taken for granted.
Through out the book Stargirl looks at all the small things and things most people would not even notice. She values things that seem almost unimportant but it makes her happy. When Stargirl shows Leo how to value the small things in life he becomes much happier.

Love can lead you into unpredictable situations.

Leo loves Stargirl very much and because of that he is dragged into unpredictable and quirky situations. He learns a lot through coping and accepting the situations as a part of Stargirl
This is the first time you ever meet Stargirl in the book. This quotation has a lot of meaning to the character Stargirl because it is one of your first impressions of her as a reader. From the beginning of the quotation you can already feel as if she's different from the other girls. I love how innocent it makes Stargirl seem and how charming she comes off as right away. The quotation really made me like Stargirl and is why I chose it.
Susan plays a large role in the book Stargirl by changing the out looks of the other characters. She stands out by dressing differently and having a much more positive outlook and way of life. Her individualism gives other characters the courage to break away from what's normal and to be more individual and expressive. This is the plot for most of the book and therefore makes Susan a very important character.
Leo Borlock
Leo is the protagonist in the book Stargirl and has a large impact on the story because of that. His relationship with Susan "Stargirl" Caraway is a vital part to the plot because, apart from changing the students outlook, his relationship with Stargirl is most of the story.
Kevin Quinlan
Kevin is Leos best friend. They run the show Hot Seat together. Hot Seat plays a large part in the story because it is one of the first things that prompts Leo into talking to Stargirl more. It also plays a larger part later on in the story when Stargirl is interviewed. Hot Seat could not exist if not for Kevin, making him a vital character to the story.

Archie runs a school on Saturdays in his home. Being Stargirls old home school teacher Archie knows Stargirl very well. Archie often gives Leo help and is vital to the story because of that.
After opening up and relaxing around her Leo finds himself becoming more attached to Stargirl and genuinely appreciating her company:

My sence of humor had always measured up to everyone else's; but timid, introverted me, I showed it sparingly: I was a smiler. In her presence I threw back my head and laughed out loud for the first time in my life. (Spinelli 107)
The quotation has a lot of connection to Leo because he is really starting to become comfortable with Stargirl and understand why she is the way she is. I felt that this part of the story was vital to both Leo and the plot and is why I choose it as a quotation.
Right after meeting Stargirl, Kevin decides he wants to put her on Hot Seat. After asking Leo what he though, and Leo agreeing Kevin's reaction was this after hearing Leo had changed his mind:

His eyes bugged out. "Not sure? How can you not be sure? We high-fived in the lunchroom weeks ago. We were thinking Stargirl mini-series, even. This is a Hot Seat from heaven." (Spinelli 13)
I choose this quotation for Kevin because it really says a lot about him and about his priories. During this time of the book Leo feels like he should leave Stargirl alone and not have her in Hot Seat.
Archie is a mysterious man, "A man of bones. You can't be up to your eyeballs in bones and not believe in enchanted places" (Spinelli 101).

I choose this quotation for Archie because it summarizes him well.

Stargirl is an inspiring and unique character, "Within seconds a long line was shaking across the dance floor. Stargirl lead the way" (Spinelli 171).
This quotatation happens near the end of the novel when Stargirl is accepted by the other students again. I choose this quotation because I felt was symbolic of the students accepting diversity and uniqueness.
Stargirl motivated and inspired the whole school:

People who never even saw you before are smiling at you and slapping your back and pumping your hand, and suddenly it seems like the whole world is calling your name, and you're feeling so good you pretty much float home from school. And when you go to bed that night, the last thing you see before you zonk out are those eyes, and the last thing on your face is a smile. (Spinelli 50)

This quotation is right at the peak of Stargirls popularity. This quotation clearly expresses Leos feelings about having Stargirl at school and how she makes everyone happy. I choose this quotation because it is uplifting and shows a lot of emotion that is easy to connect to.
This theme fits the book Stargirl well because most of the plot involves Stargirl being unique and the students struggling to accept her. In the end the students become more unique and happier because of it.
Good things can't last forever.
This theme is probably one of the most relevant and obvious theme through out Stargirl. Even though Stargirl is fun and out going and popular she ends up being hated and ignored by the students through most of the book. This theme explores the harsh reality that you may be on top of the world one day and a nobody the next.
I choose Stargirl's ukulele as a symbol because she only has it and plays it when she is happy or feeling good. There are many parts through the book where she does not have her ukulele and it is always when she is not as happy or hurt in some way. I feel the ukulele was a way for Stargirl to express her happiness to other people.

Mica is a type of rock that is mentioned all the time in the book Stargirl and is found all over the setting of the book as well. I choose mica as a symbol because it represented the students conformity and likeness to one another. Mica was mention when the students strict conformity was talked about during the book.

Señor Saguaro
Señor Saguaro is a tall cactus that lives in Archie's backyard. It is there when ever Archie and Leo are talking about the complexity of Stargirl, even giving advice about her to Leo during certain parts of the book. Señor Saguaro represents the complexity of Stargirl and the mystery surrounding her because Señor Saguaro is a mystery itself.
Barney is a skull of a 60 million year old rodent owned by Archie. Barney is used as a comparison or reference to Stargirl when ever Archie and Leo are discussing her.
No images belong to me. They belong to their respective owners. All images found on google images.

Stargirl belongs to Jerry Spinelli and Random House Children's Books.
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