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Aljoun, Jordan

No description

ahoefa abita

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Aljoun, Jordan

Aljoun, Jordan
by Andrea Abita

Deerfield Academy
Ajloun, Jordan

Ajloun is approxiamtely here on a map. It is 47 miles northwest of Amman.
Ajloun is a beautiful city that is known for the 12th century castle called Ajlun Castle.
Ajloun has a population of 7,289. The Aljoun Governorate has 142,000 people in twenty-seven villages and towns.
Aljoun has an area of 420 kilometers sqaured.
There are many different tribes in Ajloun. Al-Share and Al-Monami are just two of the many that exist. There is also a few Christian tribes.
The Ajloun Governorate has four seats in the national parliament and one of them is for the Chrisitan minority.
The governorate of Ajloun is very agricultural.
The castle was renovated as a fort in 1184 and controlled traffic along the roads connecting Damascus and Egypt.
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